Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 43

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Suddenly a wave of coldness washed over. The mountain wind blew in from the window, bringing rain with it across the room. The not fully closed window made whoosh sounds.

Wen Jing rapidly buried his head in between Jun YanZhi’s neck and shoulder. Overwhelmed, he was biting his smooth neck.

Jun YanZhi quietly said: “Don’t rush, shidi.”

Wen Jing was sad to the point of crying.

He had thought that he admired and revered Jun YanZhi which was why he behaved like a dog, running circles around him. However, he didn’t know that his feelings towards Jun shixiong were actually so unclean. It was too shameless……

Uncontrollably, Wen Jing kissed Jun YanZhi’s mouth and intermittently said: “Shixiong, I, I’m sorry. I’m simply……” not a human being……

A wave of sour pain scattered in Jun YanZhi’s heart. He wholeheartedly kissed the squirming little animal in his arms: “It’s alright. Since a long time ago, I have……already towards you……”

Suddenly, a piercing light came from the window. Half of the room was as bright as if it was daytime. Wen Jing slightly stilled for a moment. Immediately afterwards, an ear-shattering thunder exploded above their heads.

Wen Jing’s movements abruptly stopped, extremely flustered.

Jun YanZhi’s clothes were a mess. His perfect body was merely half covered. His lips were swollen from Wen Jing’s biting. There were even some traces of blood. It contained the wonderful feeling of the aftermath of being ravaged.


Thunder sounded once again . It was even louder and ear shattering than the previous one. The lightning seemed to split the sky in two, full of anger. Wen Jing’s scalp tingled. His eyes started becoming hot.

Even the heavens above couldn’t bear to look anymore. Was it coming to punish him?


The enticing person underneath quietly called out in □□ sounds, hoarse and low. Wen Jing became muddleheaded again.

He once again lowered his head to kiss. He kept saying “sorry” in shame while tremblingly pulling apart Jun YanZhi’s clothing, biting on completely without any skills. The feelings of guilt were strong, but it was hard to endure like the flames that spread throughout the plains. It burned him to the point of not being able to think.

A spiritual pressure came from outside the door.

Jun YanZhi slightly squinted but had no way to prevent Wen Jing from raising his head and being at the end of his wits: “There’s someone……”

Jun YanZhi’s felt bitterness in his heart as he nodded: “En.”

Wen Jing lowered his head and watched him. His courage was originally not very big. At this moment, he was ashamed and had even less self-confidence. He roughly made a fist and then swiftly got off the bed. Regardless of everything, he rushed into the yard, panting. His thoughts were jumbled.

With a guilty conscience, he raised his head to take a look and saw Duan Xuan standing not too far away, coldly watching him.

“Shi, shifu……” Wen Jing had unshed tears in his eyes.

Shifu was standing here all along. He must know about him bullying shixiong……

Duan Xuan’s body was a little stiff. He had something to say but couldn’t say it aloud. It was a long while before he stiffly and coldly said: “Have you finished swinging 200 times today?”

“No, not yet……” Wen Jing pulled on his loose clothing, feeling so guilty that he didn’t dare to raise his head.

Duan Xuan didn’t say anything but instead softly let out a cold harumph.

No matter how Wen Jing explained, he couldn’t wash himself white. He just said a few days ago that he didn’t laze. Today, he got caught in the act. Duan Xuan’s cold harumph precisely meant “That day you still dared to argue with me.”

Wen Jing hung his head like a defeated cricket. With the drizzle and winds harshly blowing him from head to toe, there wasn’t a single part of Wen Jing that wasn’t pathetic.

The door lightly shook as a person came out. His footsteps were light and slow, standing in front of Wen Jing: “Shifu.”

Wen Jing glanced at him, and his head drooped even lower.

Jun YanZhi’s clothes were already properly worn. There was not a single difference from how it normally was. Although his clothes were floating in the wind, it still looked neat. His voice was warm and calm as if nothing had happened: “Shifu, about today, it was me……”

Duan Xuan interrupted him: “The incident today is between you guys. No need to explain to me.”

Jun YanZhi nodded: “Yes.”

Duan Xuan’s tone of voice was originally somewhat awkward. Right now, it finally returned to normal: “Because of difficulties in Qing Xu Sword sect and Gu Jing sect, the five great sect competition will be postponed until next year. You’re at Qi Refining level eleven. Go into closed door cultivation with He Ling for a year, and next year you should be at Foundation Building.”

Wen Jing was shocked and didn’t know how to recover.

Jun YanZhi lowered his head and heavily bit on his swollen lips.

Duan Xuan blankly watched the two. It was unknown what he thought of, but his face all of a sudden revealed a sliver of struggle. His voice was even more cold and stiff: “Everyday, no eating before you have swung the sword 200 times.”

“Understood.” Wen Jing didn’t dare to say anything else and nodded his head.

Duan Xuan then said to Jun YanZhi: “Come with me.”

Jun YanZhi didn’t make a sound and followed Duan Xuan away from Wen Jing’s living quarters. Before leaving, he turned his head and glanced back.

The youth was still standing on the ground in shock. No one knew what he was thinking when he finally rubbed his eyes.


Duan Xuan’s living quarters were on a shaded part of Hui Shi peak. It was a cold and clean stone house. It was originally a normal disciple’s living place, but Duan Xuan had some nostalgia and didn’t allow anyone to touch the late peak master’s room which was Duan Xuan’s master, Lu Zhen’s room. Thus, he randomly picked a house and moved in, maintaining Lu Zhen’s living quarters in its original arrangement.

No one removed the weeds and grass in the surrounding area. They grew crazily. This was where Duan Xuan practiced the sword. The rock was covered with sword marks. A lot of branches on the trees were broken off randomly. It didn’t give off a single feeling that someone lived here. This place didn’t seem like the place where a peak master lived. Instead, it seemed like it was an abandoned living quarters.

Jun YanZhi followed Duan Xuan into the stone house, looking around without a change in expression. The room was so messy that it’d even make a pig break out in a cold sweat. The table was covered in a thin layer of dust. Things were randomly left on the floor. There were books, a sword, and immortal artifacts all mixed together. It made people not know where to place their feet.

Without a care, Duan Xuan: “Wait at the door.”

His voice never contained any emotions, yet it had a commanding undertone. It was like a sword pulled out from an ice cellar, cold yet contained a nature of attacking.

Jun YanZhi quietly waited

Duan Xuan entered the house and only came out after a long time, handing over a box to him: “In a few days when you go to Flying Immortal tower, choose the《Ku Mu Sword Method》.”

A strange feeling appeared in Jun YanZhi’s heart, but he still said: “Many thanks, shifu.”

Duan Xuan then continued with a stiff voice: “This time, saving the seventy-some disciple’s of Tian Heng peak, you did well.”

Jun YanZhi quickly humbly followed up: “It was what I was supposed to do.”

He had finally said a phrase of praise. Duan Xuan felt that he had finally completed the mission. His voice returned to being cold. With a frown, he said: “Don’t hold up your sword cultivation by cultivating the 《Hundred Herbs Thousand Souls Method》. Those people if they die, then they die. What does it have to do with you?”

Jun YanZhi lowered his head. He couldn’t help but find it funny: “Many thanks for shifu’s teachings.”

Duan Xuan no longer paid attention to him and closed the door: “Go.”


The door closed with a bang.

Jun YanZhi opened the box and saw that there was only a jade scroll lying inside:《Meeting Spring Technique》.

The《Ku Mu Sword Method》was invented by cultivator Ku Mu 3,000 years ago. Cultivator Ku Mu was a heavenly gold spirit root. He was heartless. His sword method was also sharp and ruthless, with too much killing intent. No one could control it.

2,000 years later, a duo gold and wood spirit root Golden Core cultivator was determined to practice this sword method. He was forced by the sword method’s killing intent to fall into chaos, hovering between having feelings and no feelings. It was extremely painful, comparable to the pain of destroying your own spiritual Dantian.

On the verge of extreme madness, the cultivator understood a sliver of the sword method and sunk into thought. Once he was aware again, he studied like mad and over one hundred years passed.

After he exited the closed door cultivation, this cultivator’s sword technique was peerless with no match but was greatly different from the《Ku Mu Sword Method》. When he swung, there was a little bit of leeway. In the piercing coldness, there was a bit of tenderness. It had the godly might of the《Ku Mu Sword Method》 but had no coercing killing intent. Instead, it carried a trace of warmth. This cultivator was also a modest gentleman with good morality and behavior that everyone respected and admired. They called him “Elegant Sword Zhenren[1]

A few years later, Elegant Sword Zhenren was forced by a demonic cultivator who desired to do immoral things with him. Elegant Sword Zhenren used his peerless sword technique to defeat the demonic cultivator but didn’t kill him. Instead, he kept him by his side, teaching him and guiding him towards the righteous path. Later, he and the demonic cultivator disappeared together without a trace.

Before he disappeared, he left a method for his clan which was《Meeting Spring Technique》.

《Meeting Spring Technique》was what Elegant Sword Zhenren left for his family so Qing Xu Sword sect naturally couldn’t scoop it up. Who knew that 1,000 years later, this technique would fall into the hands of Duan Xuan.

About《Meeting Spring Technique》, Jun YanZhi had only heard of it. As for how strong it was, he would only know after cultivating it.

What he didn’t understand was why Duan Xuan was so impatient about shidi entering Foundation Building and gifted such a precious technique. What was the reason?

A fierce wind blew through the mountain as if to pluck out the trees down to the roots. Jun YanZhi carefully kept the box and returned to Wen Jing’s living quarters but saw that the door was closed tightly, extremely similar to a closed clam. He knocked on the door. There was no reaction from inside.

Wen Jing was still young and had never liked anyone before, even more so a man. Encountering what just happened, he might have been scared. Jun YanZhi was in deep thought for a while in front of the door and decided that he couldn’t force him at this time. Thus, he walked away with some resentment.

He never knew that this was the last time he would see Wen Jing this year.

A few days later, when he once again came to Wen Jing’s living quarters, the room door was swaying in the mountain wind. Jun YanZhi pushed open the door and entered, calculating how to coax him in his head. With a glance, it was empty. The often used teapot and teacup were all gone. Even the “big snake and little cultivator” wooden chair that Wen Jing normally sat on, was gone.

He panicked, rapidly going to find Liu QianMo. However, Liu QianMo weirdly looked at him and said: “You don’t know? That little idiot and He Ling went into closed-door cultivation. That little idiot is so close to you. I thought you knew.”

Jun YanZhi was slightly stunned. His head was filled with buzzing. Boundless hate surged up.

The little thing just became enlightened and hadn’t became his yet. How come they were separated just like this? He was originally planning to let Wen Jing’s impression of himself be a bit deeper before he entered closed-door cultivation. Even if he couldn’t eat him, at least……

Jun YanZhi lightly sighed.

A year later, it was unknown what the situation would be then.

……Also, bringing the tea pot, tea cups, and wooden chair when cultivating, only an idiot would be able to do something like that. Was this going into closed-door cultivation or going on a vacation?


Although the peak master of Hong Xiu peak, Zhao NingTian was short and fat, he had extremely good fortune. Jun YanZhi treated him for a whole day and night, and it actually kept his life. However, because his heart demon was too strong, he was temporarily unconscious.

Everyone originally thought Zhao NingTian would definitely die. Now, he was saved by Jun YanZhi. It became an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Thus, all of Qing Xu Sword sect had a huge burst of morale.

Half a month later, all of the Tian Heng peak and Gu Jing sect’s disciples all woke up. Xi Fang gathered all the Qing Xu sect’s disciples into Qing Xu hall, awarding Jun YanZhi.

Jun YanZhi’s attitude was humble and wasn’t the least bit proud. It was truly impossible for anyone to have bad feelings towards him. His character was noble and unsullied like the bright moon. From then on, it was deeply etched within people’s hearts.

After another few days, when Jun YanZhi was in his house cultivating, Zhu Jin came to call him: “Jun shidi, sect head has invited shidi to the Flying Immortal tower.”


If you forgot what a Dantain is, it’s just an area around your belly button where spirit energy is stored.

[1] You can just search it up on google. I took a screenshot for those who didn’t want to.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 4.46.50 PM.png

Tn: I love Duan Xuan’s philosophy in life. “Those people if they die then they die. What does it have to do with you?”

I wanna ship everyone even the Elegant Sword Zhenren and that demonic cultivator.

One last thing, why does it feel like Wen Jing just ate and ran on Jun YanZhi?

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