ASV Chapter 5

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!


Shen Feixiao’s entire body hurt. Lying on the stone bed with only a thin layer of cotton laid on top, it felt like the whole person was going to freeze to death. Although it was spring, Shen Feixiao couldn’t feel the tiniest bit of warmth. As he watched Liu LingEr and Qin Shi leave, he even wondered if he would die here.

Would he die? Shen Feixiao’s head was entirely dizzy. He knew that he was bad at making people like him, but he didn’t know how to make people like him. His mother died early. His father hadn’t provided him a single bit of education. Essentially, there was no one to teach him how to talk.

Shen Feixiao who had a fever because of the injuries finally couldn’t endure anymore and started to sob. He curled up on the bed into a tiny ball like a hurt wild animal, biting hard onto his wrist to vent the helplessness in his heart.

Inadvertently, the picked up sable warmly lied in his arms, occasionally licking Shen Feixiao’s face as if to comfort him. It was under these circumstances that Qin Kaiyi muttered an incantation and directly entered the house. Of course, the him that slipped into the room did not forget to change a set of clothes and set a fog incantation over his face so that people couldn’t see his appearance clearly.

“Who are you?” Having been greatly scared by the person who just broke into his house, Shen Feixiao, with a great amount of effort, pushed himself up into a sitting position.

“……” Qin Kaiyi firmly believed that too many words would definitely lead to failure and didn’t answer Shen Feixiao’s question. Instead, he took out the medicine.

“What do you want to do?” It was obvious Shen Feixiao, this child, got traumatized. His face glowed white as he watched Qin Kaiyi. His appearance of pretending to be calm was both pitiful and cute.

“Eat.” Qin Kaiyi spat out a single word from his mouth He directly threw a few small bottles to Shen Feixiao: “Medicine.”

“……” Shen Feixiao’s eyebrows knitted together tightly, obviously not trusting Qin Kaiyi’s words.

“Do I have any reason to harm you?” The voice after the transformation was a little unpleasant on the ears. Qin Kaiyi’s tone of voice wasn’t very gentle either.

“Why are you helping me?” Considering that he really didn’t have anything that was worth exploiting, Shen Feixiao gritted his teeth.

“Don’t let the sable be seen by other people. He ran out from Qin Shi’s place.” He didn’t answer Shen Feixiao’s question. Qin Kaiyi continued: “If you don’t want it to be taken back by other people, then hide him well.”

“……” Shen Feixiao knew that the person in front of him wouldn’t answer the question and could only tightly purse his lips.

“The hardship you received today will definitely bring good fortune in the future.” He didn’t know how to comfort Shen Feixiao. Qin Kaiyi could only sigh, say this one phrase, and then leave. Shidi, shixiong could only help till here!

Shen Feixiao stared at the place where Qin Kaiyi disappeared like a statue until the sable by his side lightly licked his finger before he moved his line of sight to the few bottles left behind by Qin Kaiyi. His inky black eyes held deep, hidden emotions. It was unknown what he was actually thinking.

On the other hand, after Qin Kaiyi left Shen Feixiao’s living quarters, he busied about the things he should do. Shen Feixiao was 12 when he entered Spirit Mountain sect. Qin Kaiyi was currently 21 years old. He had entered Spirit Mountain sect nine years earlier than Shen Feixiao. Additionally, as soon as he entered, using his exceptional talent of a fire and earth twin spiritual root, he became sect head’s head disciple.

In a cultivation world, power and strength were honored and respected. Qin Kaiyi even had many shidi and shimei who were 20-30 years older than him.

But here…… was where the problem lied. Qin Kaiyi didn’t have Qin Shi’s talent. As for the understanding and grasp of knowledge, he even more so couldn’t be compared to the original. Although he had Qin Shi’s knowledge base as a foundation, he didn’t understand. He just couldn’t understand it. Afterall, he couldn’t just place his hopes on emulating complicated knowledge he got from the internet, right?

If it was a short period of time, then it was still possible to slip by. However, as long as the time dragged out, the lie would definitely be exposed, and this wasn’t even the most severe outcome. More importantly, if his cultivation level couldn’t keep up, how would he follow the succeeding plot points?!

If he couldn’t follow the plot, then he wouldn’t be able to earn return value percentages. Thus, he wouldn’t be able to return to his original world. If he couldn’t return to his original world……He was destined to be personally eradicated by Shen Feixiao!

The more he thought about it. The more terrified he got. QIn Kaiyi felt that he couldn’t afford to delay his cultivation and that it required immediate attention. He directly raised it to first place on his itinerary.

Fortunately, Qin Shi couldn’t be considered super lazy normally so the appearance of Qin Kaiyi, working hard and full of concentration, didn’t attract many people’s attention. Okay, this many people did not include his cute, kind, and beautiful shimei who would eventually stab him in the back——
Liu LingEr

Qin Kaiyi placed most of his energy on cultivating and naturally didn’t have extra time to keep Liu LingEr company. Right now, he didn’t have a very favorable opinion of this water spiritual root shimei that would eventually betray him so he, even more so, didn’t have the patience to explain. Thus, the following conversation happened regularly between the two.

“Shixiong, go with me to the mountain city~ I want to buy a beautiful hairpin.”

“Not going.”




“Shixiong, help me raise my rabbit, okay?”

“Won’t raise.”






“I haven’t said anything yet!”



The result of these conversations that make Liu LingEr feel awkward was……that she finally didn’t come to bother Qin Kaiyi anymore. She set her gaze on her own cute little shidi, comrade Shen Feixiao……In this regard, Qin Kaiyi expressed sympathy towards comrade Shen Feixiao.

The foundation of Spirit Moutain was pretty good. Hence, the environment for cultivation that it provided its disciples was also not bad. Like Qin Kaiyi who had exceptional talent was given a cave with abundant spiritual energy to cultivate in when he was still in the Qi Refinning stage.

Since he had understood the importance of cultivation to himself, Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare to slack off anymore. He plunged into the cave and diligently started to cultivate. Fortunately, Qin Shi’s talent was truly not bad so after cramming in some missing knowledge, Qin Kaiyi felt his cultivation about to rise again and finally relaxed a bit.

On one side, he was working hard to build up the foundation of the capital in which he would use to bully Shen Feixiao. On the other side, the protagonist had walked onto the right path designated by the plot.

In the original novel, after Shen Feixiao accidentally picked up the sable, the sable brought him into the Spirit Mountain sect’s forbidden grounds. The sable as an ancient godly beast naturally didn’t place the arrays set by mortals in his eyes so he took Shen Feixiao and easily got the most precious cultivation manual in Spirit Mountain sect《Mountain Cloud Notes》. This manual was known as a lifetime’s blood and toil of an ancient cultivator who fell into Qi deviation. As long as one had it, not only could one’s cultivation go a thousand kilometers in a day, they could also learn a secret method to easily conceal their cultivation level——Aiya. Basically, it was just a bunch of golden fingers opening. Qin Kaiyi sat in his own cave munching on apples with a crunching sound as he helplessly thought. He didn’t know how quick that child Shen Feixiao’s learning speed was. However, surpassing himself was only a matter of time.

Plus, right now Liu LingEr was very interested in Shen Feixiao. She would probably teach him some important common sense, right? Once he thought to this point, Qin Kaiyi suddenly remembered a very very important thing……

If he didn’t remember wrong, he would humiliate Shen Feixiao soon……And then Shen Feixiao would fall into Qi deviation due to this insult……And then he would attain nirvana and be reborn.

“……F*ck” He couldn’t help but curse. Qin Kaiyi honestly wanted to cut off his own hand. Why couldn’t he just let Shen Feixiao directly open the f*cking golden finger? Why did he have to write a freaking humilation part? Wuwuwu……[1]

However, that plot point was still a ways off from now, right? Qin Kaiyi casually threw the apple core in his hands. He had decided! He would properly take care of Shen Feixiao for awhile to lessen his guilt!!

He randomly captured a chicken on his mountain. Qin Kaiyi changed clothes and then happily rushed towards Shen Feixiao’s living quarters. Of course, he didn’t forget to disguise his face and voice.

Once he arrived at Shen Feixiao’s living quaters, Qin Kaiyi first observed and made sure that Liu LingEr wasn’t here. After coming to the conclusion that Liu LingEr wasn’t, he slowly swaggered into Shen Feixiao’s home.

The Shen Feixiao that was meditating was once again shocked stiff by Qin Kaiyi. He almost yelled out loud.

“Calm down.” Qin Kaiyi threw the mountain chicken in his hands onto Shen Feixiao’s table: “For you to nourish your body.”

“……” When he once again saw this strange person, Shen Feixiao didn’t say anything, but his eyes contained inquiry, restlessness……and hostility.

Hey. This naughty child didn’t think that he could surpass him after just receiving the manual for a mouth, right? The corner of his mouth twitched. Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth and said: “You’ve gotten the manual?”

“……What manual?” Shen Feixiao asked as his pupils shrunk. He was obviously shocked by Qin Kaiyi’s words, but his words still didn’t reveal anything.

“Don’t be afraid.” Qin Kaiyi deliberately said that. To be honest, he was genuinely somewhat scared of Shen Feixiao forcefully trying to break his incantation. It was still fine now, but in the future……Who knows if he could still defeat him? But if he mentioned the method, Shen Feixiao wouldn’t be able to accurately grasp his bottom line. Thus, he wouldn’t easily move against him.

“I gave you the sable.” Since the method had already been mentioned, Qin Kaiyi decided to deepen his mysterious image: “Properly cultivate.”

“Just who are you?” Shen Feixiao’s breathing was little fast: “What do you want from me?”

“……” It was this question again. Qin Kaiyi pouted: “What do you have?”

“……” Shen Feixiao once again fell silent. That’s right. Up till now, he still had nothing.

“Are you pitying me?” Shen Feixiao said with his head down: “Like pitying a beggar?”

“……” Bro, can you not be so difficult? Qin Kaiyi sighed: “Where are you worthy of my pity? You’re not disabled nor sick. You can run, jump, eat, and drink. Why don’t you tell me? Where are you worthy of my pity?”

Shen Feixiao’s eyes told Qin Kaiyi that he had won over the protagonist……

“So noisy. I’m giving you a chicken. Are you eating it or not?” Qin Kaiyi was impatient.

“Will eat.” Shen Feixiao stared at Qin Kaiyi……It was almost like Qin Kaiyi was the chicken on the table……

[1] Wuwuwu and yingyingying are crying sounds.

Tn: Winning over the protagonist 101. Throw a chicken on the table. I love how Qin Kaiyi does this to lessen his guilt. Also, I’ll work hard to get another chapter out in 5 days because of the monthly updates. It might not be edited tho…..but do tell me if there’s a lot of grammar issues. I think I caught them all, but….I can’t English.

Edit: The editor is back online! Still, feel free to point out any errors if they bother you so I can change it and be more careful in the future. ^^

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  1. Maybe I found a few typos? Since my English sucks I can’t guarantee anything x’D

    “And then Shen Geixiao would fall into Qi deviation due to this insult…”
    Here’s a typo in his name.

    “Qin Kaiyi wanted to honestly wanted to cut off his own hand.”
    One ‘wanted to’ too much? Dunno lol

    “Once he arrived at Shen Feixiao’s living questers, ”
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  2. Feeling abit torn about reading this. On one hand, I was really excited initially. On the other hand, I read some reviews about the novel which is making me hesitate (not that the story is bad, just questionable). But thanks for picking this up anyway!

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    • Yeah…… After the first 40 some chapters and around the 60-70 mark to the end, it gets a bit…..hmmm….. not very romantic and ethically questionable. The story is really fun and an emotional roller coaster. It’s just that because of the tags and warnings it’s not for everyone so just check the tags. ^^

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  3. “Shen Feixiao stared at Qin Kaiyi……It was almost like Qin Kaiyi was the chicken on the table……”

    Dun Dun Dun!

    Not a good sign when the novel’s protagonist looks like he wants to eat you more than the chicken, QK (not for you anyway lol). Why do I get the feeling SF can see through QK’s disguise?

    Thanks for the update!

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