ASV Chapter 6

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

A Murder Case Started by a Chicken

Qin Kaiyi gave Shen Feixiao the chicken and left. He knew Shen Feixiao’s days were hard. He probably hadn’t eaten meat since he came to Spirit Mountain sect.

Qin Kaiyi returned to his own cave and stretched. Just as he was preparing to take a nap, he was disrupted by an annoying system reminder.【System reminder: Please reach the middle stage of food abstinence within one year. Otherwise, 20% return value will be deducted. Please reach the middle stage of food abstinence within one year. Otherwise, 20% return value will be deducted.】

“What??” Once he heard this reminder, Qin Kaiyi immediately jumped up from the bed: “You bastard! Do you want to force me to die?!!!”

Of course, the system didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi. The sound that pushed him to the verge of collapse silently disappeared.

“Also, just where does this sound come from?” Feeling as if something weird was living inside his body, Qin Kaiyi’s expression became very ugly. He observed his cave and then heavily sighed.

The setup of Qin Shi’s cave was extremely simple. There was only a stone bed, a stone table, essential spiritual medicine, and books. All arranged in a corner, hidden by an ordinary concealment incantation.

Qin Kaiyi felt like a deflated rubber ball. He couldn’t cheer himself up no matter what. Right now, Qin Shi’s cultivation level was middle stage Foundation Building. It took nine years to reach this level. Firstly, it was done relying on his excellent talent, a fire and wood double spiritual root. Secondly, it naturally relied on Qing Xuzi personally teaching him.

However, from Foundation Building to food abstinence, there was an extremely hard to cross chasm. If a Foundation Building cultivator could still be considered a mortal, then entering food abstinence would be the first step onto the path of becoming an immortal.

Without considering the differences in power, entering food abstinence, one would no longer need to eat mortal food. Their lifespan would instantly increase to 400. With only these benefits alone, it was already enough to make many cultivators restless.

Nevertheless, how could it be that simple to reach food abstinence from Foundation Building? For some time, Qin Kaiyi’s expression was exceptionally ugly. This was the novel that he wrote. Could he himself not be clear on this? Even Shen Feixiao who had《Mountain Cloud Notes》took nearly two years to reach food abstinence from Foundation Building. But now, the system wanted him to reach food abstinence in one year. Wasn’t this asking for his life?! The more Qin Kaiyi thought about it, the angrier he became. He really wanted to smash everything that was inside the cave to bits. He mysteriously transmigrated into his own novel. If it was just that, then whatever. Now, he had to continuously listen to this rubbish system. The hopes of returning were too fleeting.

“Sh*t, isn’t this forcing me……” Five words were squeezed out from Qin Kaiyi’s mouth: “to turn to demonic cultivation.”

To break through the barrier of Foundation Building to the middle stage of food abstinence in one year, according to normal cultivation methods, it was completely impossible. Cultivation relied on harmony and balance between heaven and people. To reach this heaven-defying speed, no matter how much spiritual medicine or cultivation methods one had, it was still impossible.

However, normal cultivation and demonic cultivation were different. The speed of demonic cultivation could reach twice the speed of normal cultivation. If he had a suitable cultivation method, it was entirely possible to rush from the middle stage of Qi Refining to Foundation Building in one year. However, in this world, there was no such thing as a free meal. Compared to normal cultivators and Buddhist cultivators, demonic cultivators were more easily disrupted by heart demons. Sometimes, they would fall into obsession with a tiny bit of carelessness.

Falling into obsession wasn’t something simple or bearable. As soon as one walked into obsession, not to even mention that their cultivation would be completely destroyed, if it was serious, one could even lose all reason. They would become mindless lunatics.

He knew the risks of demonic cultivation. If he could choose, Qin Kaiyi wouldn’t have the slightest intention of stepping onto this cultivation path. However, now that things had come to this, other than demonic cultivation, he didn’t have any other paths.

“F*ck you.” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth, harsly cursing out at that scum system. Suddenly, he remembered something……sigh. In the original novel, Qin Shi, this guy, did seem to have an ambiguous relationship with demonic cultivation.

In Qin Kaiyi’s mind, he seemed to have caught onto a tiny trail of thought, but he couldn’t figure it out no matter what. He had been writing this novel for almost a year. Some of the hidden clues had already been forgotten a long time ago. Looking at it now, the hints that he wrote inattentively impacted the world in front of him a great deal……

“It can’t be.” Qin Kaiyi mumbled: “This world could fill in holes by itself???”

It could fill in long forgotten hints and vague descriptions……Didn’t this mean that his advantage of knowing the plot had been greatly reduced?? He finally figured it out. Qin Kaiyi felt faint. He didn’t know what would happen if he died without a full return value. He also didn’t dare to gamble with his life.

Right now, the best plan was to follow the system and gather up return value fast. The earlier he got a full return value, the faster he could leave this place!

“Ah……I don’t want to live anymore.” Before he had transmigrated, he was a complete shut-in. Qin Kaiyi felt abnormally depressed and face planted into the bed: “Just what sins have I committed……”

“Qin shixiong, Qin shixiong, are you there?” The call from outside interrupted Qin Kaiyi’s pain filled □□ session. Once he heard the sound, Qin Kaiyi hastily climbed up from the bed and organized his clothes a bit. Faking solemnness, he walked out: “What is it?”

“Something bad happened.” The shidi yelling outside was familiar: “LingEr shijie got angered into tears by someone!”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi frowned: “What happened?”

“It’s like this.” That person wanted to explain everything with one breath, but because he was a little anxious, he stuttered: “The, the person brought back that day called, called Shen Feixiao. He, he roasted LingEr shijie’s bird.”

“……” If it wasn’t for maintaining his calm and indifferent image, Qin Kaiyi would’ve probably yelled aloud…… What, LingEr shijie’s bird got roasted!? Cough cough. He glanced towards that passerby A shidi who he couldn’t remember. Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but sigh. Liu LingEr’s popularity in Spirit Mountain sect was abnormally high.

“Take me there.” Qin Kaiyi indifferently said.

“Yes.” That passerby A shidi quickly used an incantation and flew towards Shen Feixiao’s living quarters.

From outer appearances, Qin Shi wasn’t bad. Although he didn’t look as heaven-defyingly handsome as the future Shen Feixiao, he fit the two words: elegant gentleman.

But no matter how nice he looked, what was the use? With Qin Shi’s personality, no one dared to compliment him. Towards people he liked, he naturally was very good to them. Towards the people, he didn’t like……He wasn’t courteous at all. Thus, he offended many people.

“You clearly ate my bird, and you are still denying it!!” From far away Liu LingEr’s grievance filled cry could be heard. Qin Kaiyi once again sighed in his heart. This shimei of his was truly spoiled too much.

“What’s going on?” Flying on his sword, he came to the crime site. Qin Kaiyi’s mood was not good. Wasn’t this finding trouble where there was none?

“Shixiong, shixiong.” Crying beautifully and pitifully, Liu LingEr tugged on Qin Kaiyi’s sleeve and started tattling: “Shen Feixiao, he, he caught the bird you gave me and roasted it to eat it……”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi’s forehead wrinkled up: “Explain clearly.”

“I……I just came to see him. I wanted to give him some fruits.” Liu LingEr’s tears flowed as if it were free, pouring down furiously: “But I didn’t think that when I came……I would find him roasting the bird to eat it.”

……Actually, that was a chicken. He silently exclaimed in his mind. Qin Kaiyi felt that this situation was a bit awkward. Did this count as him doing something bad with kind intentions?

“It’s not a bird.” Shen Feixiao heard Liu LingEr’s whining and crying. His tone was extremely cold: “It’s a wild chicken.”

“You’re lying!!!” Liu LingEr yelled loudly: “How many days have you been here? Where would you go to catch a wild chicken? Our mountains here are very dangerous. A disciple like you who isn’t even at Qi Refining wants to go capture chicken on the mountains? Who are you trying to deceive?!!”

How did he forget this issue? Listening to Liu LingEr’s yelling and howling, Qin Kaiyi felt that things were starting to become bad. To prevent wild beasts from harming people in the mountains here, they all had arrays set up. A normal person had no way to enter. With Shen Feixiao’s current strength, if he wanted to eat chicken, other than stealing from other people, there truly was no other way. Coincidentally, the bird that he gave Liu LingEr was big. It was already fully roasted. To determine whether it was a bird or chicken really wasn’t an easy task.

“Your bird disappeared?” Qin Kaiyi asked while observing Liu LingEr.

“Yeah……” As soon as Liu LingEr’s bird was mentioned, she once again started crying wuwuwu. She cried to the point where Qin Kaiyi’s head felt dizzy.

“That’s too much. Let’s go. We’ll bring it to shifu. He just entered the sect for a few days, and he’s already stealing and lying. What would he be like in the future?” The person talking was the passerby shidi who had already became part of the background.

“……Wait.” Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth to prevent this. He didn’t want to blow this thing up all the way to Qing Xuzi. In the future, Shen Feixiao’s cultivation still needed to rely on Qing Xuzi to level up.

“Shixiong.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi hesitate, Liu LingEr felt aggrieved. She pulled on Qin Kaiyi’s sleeve, acting spoiled: “Shixiong, do you want to be partial and protect Shen Feixiao? Even though he’s……”

Girl, I’m saving your future husband!! Qin Kaiyi saw the stubbornness written all over Liu LingEr’s face and felt a headache. He glanced at the seemingly calm but eyes flashing with anger, Shen Feixiao: “Shen shidi, do you know your wrongs?”——Quick, admit your wrong. Even if it was unfair to you, it was better to leave everyone a way out.

However, if Shen Feixiao really admitted his wrongs, then he wouldn’t be Shen Feixiao. Once he heard Qin Kaiyi’s words, the anger in Shen Feixiao’s eyes became stronger. He coldly spat out one word: “No.”

“You, you!!” Her whole body shook with anger by Shen Feixao’s response. Liu LingEr was stuck with you you you for a long time without another response.

“……Then explain where this chicken came from?” Qin Kaiyi wasn’t anxious anymore. He wanted to see how Shen Feixiao would handle this matter.

“I caught it myself.” Shen Feixiao coldly replied.

“You’re lying!!! You can’t even enter the mountain. How would you catch it??” Liu LingEr’s voice was ear piercing and scary. Qin Kaiyi unconsciously frowned.

“Shixiong, take him to shifu’s place!!! I want shifu to expel him from the sect!!!” Liu LingEr obviously wouldn’t give up.

When Shen Feixiao heard Liu LingEr’s words, his face paled.

“……” He didn’t think that things would suddenly progress this way. Qin Kaiyi could only first calm down Liu LingEr: “I will give you a proper explanation.”

Tn: Here’s the promised chapter. The chicken is back, roasted, but still strongly pulling along the plot!

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  1. Why are there (mostly) always those clingy, annoying and dumb little girls?
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    Come down back to earth, child Dx

    You want to do good deeds?
    World, System and everyone else says NOPE! ( • ̀ω•́ )

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  2. How could roasting a chicken was this funny?
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  3. Thank you for the chapter!

    That chicken though. It’s probably in cahoots with the system; forcing our MC into yet another difficult situation.


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      They are all mainly cultivational tho because I personally like this genre. Hopefully, there was one or two that fit what you were thinking and haven’t read. ^^


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