Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 57

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

It felt as if a dark cloud was covering the room, making people uncomfortable. Wen Jing asked: “How do you plan to monitor me?”

Wanting him to tell the secret, of course he needed to monitor him. Otherwise, how would he know how many times he reported?

After thinking about it, Wen Jing was still a bit peeved. He stared at Jun YanZhi and said, “Shifu commanded that I can’t leave the house for three months. You only gave me one month of time……”

Jun YanZhi stood by the window with his hands behind his back and stayed silent. After a moment, a few small black dots flew by the window and spun around before landing in Jun YanZhi’s hand. He closed his hand and walked towards Wen Jing, who was on the bed: “Open your hand.”


“Token of love.” 

Wen Jing’s anger surged as he said dryly: “What token of love?”

Jun YanZhi opened his hand. There were five small black things on his palm. Four of them immediately became alert and raised their heads. The last one, however, seemed to be unaware of the situation and was turning around in circles, only reacting after a long time. 

Wen Jing slightly frowned: “……Mosquitoes?”

“Second rank demonic beast, Tian Wen. They live in the extreme cold of the north and are best at biting through barriers. They can also use poison.”

“You’re using them to monitor me?”

“Their spiritual awareness has already been opened. You can order them to do things……It’s just that one of them is a bit stupid. If you report me, these five mosquitoes will naturally tell me, but they won’t care about anything else. Give me your hand.”

Wen Jing didn’t dare disobey and stretched out his hand.

The five mosquitoes flew onto Wen Jing’s hand and simultaneously lowered their heads. Sharp needles immediately penetrated the skin, sucking blood.

“I ordered them to drink your blood once. In the future, they will recognize you.” 


“Five days later, I will set off to Gu Jing sect. I’ll tell shifu that I will take you with me.”

Wen Jing hesitated for a bit: “What are you going to do at Gu Jing sect?”

Jun YanZhi was silent for a moment before he coldly laughed: “Consider it as making trouble.”

He turned around to leave, but Wen Jing, who was behind him, said with some hesitation: “Jun shixiong, why do you want to be together with me? Is it because I used to admire you? In fact, there are countless people who admire you now……”

Jun YanZhi smiled: “Your little chrysanthemum is really cute.”

Wen Jing’s face reddened.

Jun YanZhi continued to evaluate: “Your body is like a little heater, easy to hold and feels good to touch. Very virtuous.”

Wen Jing threw a pillow: “Piss off! Scram for me!” 


Wen Jing was put under house arrest and practiced the sword all day.

The《Yi Yang Sword Method》was a sword method associated with fire. It was made a few thousand years ago by a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage. It was rumored that once it was practiced to the highest level, there were millions of ways to use it, and it was ever-changing. Its strength could rival the《Ku Mu Method》. Unfortunately, other than that cultivator, no one had been able to practice it to that level. 

Wen Jing didn’t dare to boast that he was on par with the ancients. Not to mention that he wasn’t quite satisfied with the simple “Ambition Guides.” Thus, he decided to first put the《Yi Yang Sword Method》off to the side. Cultivating《Yi Yang Sword Method》needed a few decades of time, but he had almost perfected “Ambition Guides.” There was no need to rush it. 

The time he spent practicing the sword passed in a flash. It passed so fast that he wasn’t even conscious of it as if a few thousands years could also swing by like this.

Finally, it was morning, five days later.

Wen Jing quietly sat next to Qing XuZi’s stone statue, holding a bulky and heavy sword. Suddenly, sword Qi rose towards the sky. Wen Jing flipped a few times in the air and held the sword hilt that was spinning. Qi poured out along the iron sword and slashed into the air, raising a current of air that was as huge as a whirlpool.

It succeeded!

Wen Jing was extremely happy.

With a “Bang” sound, something unknown happened in the surroundings. The banging sounds of something falling were deafening.

Wen Jing was stunned for an instance before immediately yelling: “Not good!”

Everything happened so fast that it caught him unprepared. Qing XuZi’s stone statue shattered like a mirror into broken rubble, instantly falling off the cliff in pieces. 

That body was incomplete as it fell by the cliff’s side in shambles. An object that was identical to a sword hilt was revealed.

Wen Jing stared blankly.

He swore that he didn’t swing the sword Qi onto Qing XuZi’s body!

He carefully walked up and slowly pulled a long sword out of the half of a statue that was left. He pulled gently.

Good sword!

When the sword came out of the scabbard, it was very plain, simple, and even a bit old and worn. The sword edge flashed with a cold light, yet there was no killing intent. It only made people feel reverence from the bottom of their hearts. 

This was……the founder’s sword?

Didn’t all novels with male protagonists have this plot event? The male protagonist’s talent was peerless. He was diligent and worked hard. Finally, he would move the heavens and earth, and an ancestor would bestow a sword to him. From then on, if he saw buddha, he would kill buddha. If he saw people, he would kill people. He walked with abandon on the road to reigning over all living beings.

Wen Jing glanced at the sword hilt and clearly saw a word engraved: “Demon.”

His head suddenly started hurting to the point of losing control from the pain. Wen Jing held his head and saw a young cultivator’s figure through the blur. It was far away so he couldn’t see clearly, but he heard one phrase clearly:

“Using this sword, exterminate all the demons in the world.” 

Wen Jing panicked and fiercely threw the sword onto the ground.

The headache instantly disappeared like a retreating tide. The warm sun shone down on the winter snow, leaving only the long sword that was quietly lying on the ground. 

Wen Jing fearfully raised his head. Qing XuZi’s stone statue was intact like usual, giving off a dashing and heroic feeling, as if nothing had happened. 

Everything was an illusion?

Wen Jing lowered his head and touched the sword hilt. Everything in his head was calm as if what had happened was all a strange dream. Only the young cultivator’s voice remained in his head, not leaving. 

“Using this sword, exterminate all the demons in the world.” 

Wen Jing didn’t dare to think about the deeper meaning behind this sentence. 

He also didn’t dare to think about him personally stabbing through Jun YanZhi’s heart with this sword. 

Uneasily holding the sword in his hand, Wen Jing dazedly glanced into the distance. Suddenly, a person gently landed in front of him, wearing a whole body of white and an expression as cold as an ice mountain, yet there seemed to be a bit of concern.

“Second shixiong.” Wen Jing came back to his senses, lowered his head, and calmly greeted. 

“What’s with this sword?”

He had been watching Wen Jing practice from far away since early in the morning. When “Ambition Guides” had a small success just now, he clearly saw a flash of white light on the ground, and then a sword appeared out of nowhere. Wen Jing stood like an idiot by it, not moving until now.

Wen Jing’s thoughts were extremely messy. He could only hold the sword and say: “Just now…… In an illusion, I saw the founder bestow the sword.”

He Ling pulled over the sword and silently looked at it for a long time. He put it back into the scabbard and indifferently handed it back to Wen Jing: “Since the founder has bestowed a sword, practice well. Don’t waste the founder’s favor.”

Just……Just this?

Why was it so lackluster and typical as if he was saying to come eat? Could it be that Qing XuZi gifted a sword or sword method every now and then and was close with his disciples and disciple’s disciples?

Wen Jing was a bit vexed as he said: “Has second shixiong also been bestowed a sword by the founder before?”

He Ling was a bit vexed now: “Nonsense! Who can have such good luck?”

“Eh? Then……”

“The founder has already joined the ranks of the immortals long ago. It must be because you diligently practiced the sword all day by the stone statue; thus, he bestowed the sword ‘Demon’ that he used in his early years to practice the sword to you.”

Wen Jing couldn’t help but blush: “I didn’t have the intention to brag.”

“We are going to set off to Gu Jing sect. Shifu specifically sent me to come tell you.” He Ling swung his sleeves and flew up.

Wen Jing quickly followed: “Something happened in Gu Jing sect?”

“Sixty disciples of Gu Jing sect met with trouble. They came to request help from YanZhi.”

“Who else is going?”

“Eldest shixiong and a few people from Bei Yan peak.”

Wen Jing lowered his head: “How could shifu let me go?”

“I don’t know how that Elder Lu heard about the fact that you are his grandson who was missing for many years. Hence, he wants you to go see him.”

Wen Jing instantly froze.

How did Jun YanZhi pull this out? If it wasn’t mentioned today, he would’ve forgotten about this. What does he mean by this? 

He Ling glanced at him: “If you acknowledge this relative, maybe you’ll stay in Gu Jing sect.”

Wen Jing was resolute: “That’s impossible. Hui Shi peak is my home.”

He Ling raised an eyebrow and didn’t talk anymore.

After greeting Duan Xuan in the main hall, Wen Jing nervously stood by the side, wishing that he could become transparent. Since he came into the hall, Duan Xuan’s face was covered in dark clouds. His gaze was so sharp that it could pierce through his body and leave big holes. The other people didn’t know what had happened. The atmosphere was heavy and oppressive as if something big had happened.

“How has your practice of the sword method been?”

“I haven’t started the《Yi Yang Sword Method》. ‘Ambition Guides’ has some, some slight progress.”

Duan Xuan’s expression eased a bit. He glanced at Liu QianMo’s angry expression and said in a low voice: “You have just entered the Foundation Building stage. It’s good to get some experience outside of the sect. Remember to listen to your shixiongs.”

Wen Jing quickly replied: “Understood, shifu.”

Duan Xuan nodded and looked up, leaning back onto the backrest of the chair. His gaze lightly passed over Liu QianMo and saw that the other was still looking at him with anger. He couldn’t help but frown. He was silent for a while before finally stiffly saying: “After leaving, remember to come back. I am just worried about your cultivation. I don’t hate you.”

Wen Jing confusedly looked at him. He seemed to be overwhelmed and grateful with the unexpected favor. This explanation that was almost like an apology definitely couldn’t have come out of Duan Xuan’s mouth. 

Liu QianMo immediately turned his head and smiled: “Shifu is whole-heartedly doing it for your good. Don’t think too much, shidi. Even if Shidi really is Elder Lu’s grandson, we have lived together for so many years. He will definitely return.”

Wen Jing quickly nodded: “Hui Shi peak is my home. Naturally, I will come back.” 

The atmosphere in the hall immediately became lively. Laughter came one after another.

“Well said!”

“Like I said. How could he just leave?”

Gui XinBi carelessly laughed and said: “What were you guys so afraid of? With Jun shixiong here, how could he run off?”

The sounds of laughter stopped instantly. 

Wen Jing’s face alternated between red and white. Everyone pretended that they didn’t hear it and changed the subject. Duan Xuan glanced at the sky and finally said: “It’s not early anymore. You guys can go. Bei Yan peak’s people are waiting at the foot of the mountain.”

Jun YanZhi was silent the whole time and didn’t talk. It was only now that he quietly said: “Yes.”


“From then on, if he saw buddha, he would kill buddha. If he saw people, he would kill people. “

That whole phrase is basically a Chinese way of saying that nothing could hinder him, and that he was very strong. Whoever stood in his way, he had the ability to kill.

Tn: I will never get over Shifu being tsundere, and it’s so adorable how Liu QianMo was angry at shifu. 

Also, I officially have a updating schedule for this project! It’ll be Tuesdays and Saturdays. There may be bonus chapters, but those days are set. (If you saw the translator status, you probably already know. It is on the right for computer users and below the comments for phone or tablet users.)

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  1. What is with this MC? I feel like smacking him. He never asks for an explanation? He doesn’t ask why ML is doing this? I know he’s stupid but is it really that hard to remember that he grew up with everyone calling him a monster since he was 10? ML even told him his name but what did he say? ‘I don’t know anything.’ He simply believed in rumors more than ML and betrays him right after promising him and then he’s getting angry. Honestly, I don’t even know how the ML remains sane and is playing this stupid game to keep MC with him. It’s just so pitiful. How lacking in love should he be to not dare say anything? And MC just goes on being an asshat and assumes stuff. Is talking really that hard? How unbearable must it be for ML that the person he loves believes that he was a monster and is questing oh-so-righteously? Ugh. Anyway…Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍

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    • Maybe because he always thought he knew Jun because of the book series and he takes the story as full gospel and even if he feels things are off he is just wants to save his loved ones. Mo going mad spooked him.

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  2. wow !! two times a week, thats really great ! thank you for your hard work ~~
    I hope that wen jing wont have to use demon to hurt Jun shixiong …

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