Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 58

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Bei Yan peak’s disciples had already been waiting at the foot of the mountain for a long time.

Wen Jing saw You Si with a piece of dry grass in his mouth and a faint smile from far away. They exchanged a “so you are also going” gaze and a greeting.

Bei Yan peak’s peak lord wanted to make a “YuYang pill”. He spent a few decades looking for the plants, but he was still short of two and couldn’t find them. Since a long time ago, he knew that Gu Jing sect had those two plants, yet he could never find the opportunity to ask for them. 

This time Gu Jing sect had met with trouble. Bei Yan peak’s peak lord personally came to plead with Jun YanZhi, wanting him to help ask for the two plants. Jun YanZhi agreed to do this favor that cost him nothing. Thus, Bei Yan peak generously sent out four Foundation Building stage disciples to escort him and travel together. 

It was only seven days ago when Wen Jing and You Si had watched Wen RenMu’s scandal together at night, but it felt like a long time had passed. He felt a bit sentimental. Time truly did bring great changes to the world. It felt like an era had passed.

A person’s maturity really did come from experience.

In this sense, Jun YanZhi’s contribution was huge and hard to measure.

Jun YanZhi still wore a turquoise outfit. His temperament was as elegant as usual, but there was a faint feeling of alienation. Everyone said that he could be glanced at from afar, but one couldn’t get too close. No one dared to be intimate and presumptuous with him. These sayings were really suitable.

If it was in the past, Wen Jing would definitely be a mess of admiration and worship. Now, he felt wave after wave of pain in his heart. He didn’t even want to raise his head. 

Jun YanZhi swallowed his saliva, his mood mysteriously becoming bad.

He Ling, Jun YanZhi, and Wen Jing were all sullen and didn’t want to talk. Liu QianMo tidied his white outfit and shouldered the duty of upholding courtesy, conversing with the Bei Yan peak disciples the whole way there. 

Bei Yan peak’s eldest disciple was called Gao Xiao. He was a very entertaining guy. Regarding the weird atmosphere of the few people, he didn’t ask too much and skillfully started to talk about the interesting things of Bei Yan peak, making the disciples around him laugh.

The eight people rode on the wind for a day and came to a small town. They decided to seek lodging for the night.

Liu QianMo stood in front of the inn’s door. The worker politely nodded and bowed as he came forward: “Are you guys going to book a room?”

“How much per room?”

Gao Xiao gently stopped Liu QianMo and smiled: “Shifu commanded that we take care of you guys during this trip. Do you want us to go back and be beaten?”

As he talked, he pulled out a few spirit stones and threw them: “Clean up your best room, quickly!”

The worker was a bit dazed. As soon as he saw that he had received spirit stones, he was so excited that he couldn’t even talk coherently. Stuttering, he said: “Our inn is small. There are only 5 top tier rooms. I’m afraid that the other rooms aren’t good enough for you cultivators. However, our beds are big. How about two people per room?”

Wen Jing was afraid of words like “two people per room”. He was so scared that even his hair all stood upright. He secretly glanced at Jun YanZhi. 

Jun YanZhi’s face slightly darkened, but he didn’t dare to talk.

Liu QianMo pondered and said: “Two people a room fits perfectly.  He Ling and I in one. YanZhi and……”

Just when Wen Jing anxiously wanted to interrupt, he heard You Si leisurely laugh and say: “Jun shixiong should conserve strength and get a proper rest. It’d be better for him to be in a single room. Jing shidi can sleep with me.”

Goosebumps rose over Wen Jing’s entire body.

He and You Si had always shared a strange tacit understanding, but it definitely did not go over the normal boundary. In addition, You Si had stared at good-looking female disciples on numerous occasions and was a hundred percent straight. He definitely didn’t have any special interest towards Wen Jing.

However, Jun YanZhi’s emotions had been unstable these days. He wouldn’t necessarily be able to think straight and be open minded. 

He didn’t wait for Jun YanZhi to speak and directly said: “Jun Shixiong definitely needs to get a proper rest. It’s best to have a single room. I have toiled for a day and also need a single room!”

Everyone looked at him with their jaws dropped in silence. 

Liu QianMo’s face alternated between red and white: “Nonsense. What is your ranking and seniority? Even if YanZhi sleeps alone, the extra room should be left for Gao shixiong. Since You Si doesn’t mind, you can sleep with him for a night.”

“Shixiong, I……”

Gao Xiao saw that Wen Jing’s face was both green and white as if he had seen a ghost. He quickly said: “It’s alright. We were originally supposed to take care of you guys during this trip. Jing shidi has worked hard traveling today, and should sleep in a single room.”

Liu QianMo frowned, thinking internally that this stupid kid was extremely not sensible. He ordered the worker: “Is there a stable here? Let him sleep in the stable for a night instead.”

These words were originally only spoken out of anger, but Wen Jing wasn’t able to tell. His thoughts turned. Sleeping in the stable would be more relaxing than anywhere else. Thus, he smiled and said: “Okay. Much thanks shixiong.”

Everyone instantly burst out laughing. Liu QianMo looked at him with annoyance: “You would rather sleep in the stable. Then sleep there tonight!”

Gao Xiao held his forehead, laughing: “I thought that I was the funniest. It turns out that Jing shidi ups me by a level. Sorry for my failure to show respect.”

“This brat truly does not understand etiquette. It’s all because of my lack of teaching……”

Gao Xiao smiled as he mediated: “Liu shidi is too polite. It’s only splitting rooms. It’s nothing important.”

The worker hurriedly smiled and joked: “Since this cultivator is even willing to sleep in the stable, how about we give away a lower tier room. I hope that this cultivator can make do for a night. Although it is a bit simple, it smells better than the stable.”

The corner of He Ling’s lips slightly rose. Lightly glancing over, he saw that Jun YanZhi silently had his head hanging down.

“……You still haven’t made up with shidi?”

Jun YanZhi smiled and responded in a sound transmission that only the two could hear: “It’s nothing. I’m going to rest.”

He greeted everyone but didn’t look at Wen Jing and then silently followed the worker away. His back seemed a bit desolate and lonely. Wen Jing couldn’t describe it clearly, but he felt a bit uneasy.

Liu QianMo smiled and said: “That being the case, we should all go rest. Everyone please go ahead.”

Gao Xiao smiled: “We have never interacted with your peak in the past. I’m really happy that we can all travel together. Everyone please go ahead.”

Jun YanZhi’s figure disappeared at the end of the hallway. Wen Jing touched his head, not knowing why he felt slightly unhappy.

You Si smiled and asked: “You really don’t want to share a room with me?”

“Get lost!”

Wen Jing didn’t go to his room and rest. Instead, he practiced the sword for a while in the courtyard of the inn while glancing at the window of Jun YanZhi’s room the whole time. Every room gradually put out their firelight. The night was cold and windy. There was no moonlight. He couldn’t even see his five fingers if he stretched out his hand. 

The light in Jun YanZhi’s room, however, was still lit.

Why was he still awake?

Wen Jing unconsciously put away his sword, and for god knows what reason, he went towards Jun YanZhi’s room. 

The long hallway was silent. From far away, he could see the light scattering out from the door gap. Wen Jing hid the spiritual Qi on his body and quietly stood in front of Jun YanZhi’s door. He scratched his head, not knowing what he wanted to do.

He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Even if Jun YanZhi didn’t sleep for a night, it had nothing to do with him……right?

Wen Jing hung his head and decided to go back to his own room to sleep. Suddenly, the sound of chairs and tables falling came from inside the room. From across the door, he could hear the sound of Jun YanZhi’s breathing suddenly stop. 

What happened?

Wen Jing was a bit hesitant. He gazed in from where the light was coming out of the door.

The light inside the room wasn’t too bright, but he could see very clearly. Two chairs had fallen onto the ground. In front of the table, there was a large wooden tub with hot steam rising, and fog surrounding it. It seemed to be used for bathing. 

Jun YanZhi stood by the wooden tub and slowly took off his clothes, revealing his slender and tall body. Under the hazy yellow light from the fire, his skin seemed smoother than usual, especially that firm waist. 

Wen Jing bit his lips and averted his eyes. 

Everything seemed fine……

Was this on purpose or real?

“Who’s there?”

He Ling’s low and cold voice came from ten feet away. Suddenly, a cold wind passed by behind Wen Jing, and an arm that was like an iron tong caught Wen Jing’s shoulder. 

“Se, second shixiong, it’s me!” Wen Jing was so scared that his face looked bloodless. It was so white that it seemed like he had just come out of the underworld. He didn’t know how to explain his suspicious behavior of standing in front of Jun YanZhi’s door in the middle of the night when it wasn’t along the way to return to his room. 

“Why did second shixiong come out?”

“Going to the bathroom!”

He Ling only wore a thin robe. His face was ice cold as he held his collar: “What are you peeking at?”

The splashing sounds of water came from inside the room. Jun YanZhi’s calm voice came over: “What’s going on?”

“You are bathing?”

“That’s right.”

“This brat is peeking at you bathe.” He Ling coldy looked at Wen Jing. His gaze seemed to say: Your Jun shixiong finally doesn’t want you anymore?

Wen Jing closed his eyes with a stomach full of grievances that he couldn’t say aloud. He quietly refuted: “I didn’t mean to peek at him bathing.”

The door gently opened. Jun YanZhi had already dressed himself: “Give him to me.”

“Don’t, second shixiong, don’t……”

“Just what is going on with you two?”

Jun YanZhi said neither slowly nor quickly: “Recently, there have been some misunderstandings. I need to properly have a talk with him.”

He Ling’s expression eased a bit. He fell silent for a bit before he said: “I don’t want to care about the things between you guys. If there’s a misunderstanding, then fix it early. Otherwise, just break up lest it harms the harmony between shixiong and shidi.

“It’s not to the point of breaking up.” Jun YanZhi smiled.

He Ling stuffed Wen Jing to Jun YanZhi and then turned to leave.

The door gently closed. Jun YanZhi walked over to the table and poured a glass of tea: “Why have you come to find me in the middle of the night?”

Wen Jing silently squatted on the ground, using the thick and heavy iron sword to draw on the ground.

“Do you no longer have anything to say to me anymore?”


“You came to find me in the middle of the night. Do you want to report me?”

“I don’t want to report you.” Wen Jing lowered his head.

Jun YanZhi’s adam’s apple moved. 

“But I also don’t want to be together with you.” Wen Jing put away the sword and stood up, “As long as you don’t do anything to the people of Hui Shi peak, in the future we can still be a pair of mutually respecting shixiong and shidi. As for other people, if you want to kill, then kill. I won’t care.”

Without changing his expression, Jun YanZhi looked at him: “You really don’t want to be together with me?”

Wen Jing pursed his lips and sullenly said: “Don’t want to.”

Jun YanZhi’s face rapidly darkened as if a bloody storm was going to sweep over. His lips were pressed together tightly, and he didn’t talk.

Wen Jing was a bit nervous. Stuttering, he said: “W-what are you going to do?”

Jun YanZhi lowered his head and said in the low voice: “Duan Xuan, I definitely have to kill.”

Wen Jing froze: “Why?

Jun YanZhi silently gazed out of the window.

“You want to kill shifu. I will never forgive you.” Wen Jing felt a bit bitter and paused for a moment before he said: “Shixiong, tell me. Do you have any difficulties? Last time when you killed people in the middle of the night, I was nearby and heard that person call you Yun Shaoyi. They even mentioned the massacre of Heng Yang palace over ten years ago. The people you killed, were they related to that incident?”

Jun YanZhi hung his head: “What else do you know?”

“Regarding what had happened that year, I only know this much. You won’t tell me. How could I know?”

Jun YanZhi raised his head and watched him for a long time. Abruptly, his voice became gentler: “Shidi, if you don’t want to be together with me, then forget it. I won’t force you.”

Wen Jing pursed his lips: “Really?”

“Really. Let’s be a pair of mutually respecting shixiong and shidi.”

Tn: I wanna know what shifu did. Did he pretend to be nice and take Jun YanZhi back after being involved or was there a misunderstanding? On a lighter note, I love how He Ling is so concerned over their relationship lol.

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  1. Now I want to smack ML. Can you not talk in freaking riddles? MC is so straight forward and stupid. Just spell it out for him ML. At least say that you are being framed and act pitiful. Why are you smarter as a snake than a human hah?!!!! Jesus. I’m so frustrated!!!! Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍

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  2. Pretty sure there’s some sort of misunderstanding here.. I just hope that no one in c*ckblock peak die 💔
    Also, I really feel sorry for YJZ. He’s pretty much alone here.

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