Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 64.1

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Leaving Raomu villa, Wen Jing took a detour and went to Gu Jin sect.

Red Maple sect’s Li QingRan was a prodigal son of a long standing and strong cultivation family. If Wen Jing wanted to associate with him, he needed some background. Thus, he rushed to recognize familial relationships with Lu ZhiShan.

Lu ZhiShan had gone crazy a few days ago and had been struck unconscious. Although he had been treated by Jun YanZhi, he was still unconscious. Later, because of the big tortoise’s death, Wen Jing had secretly ran back to the Qing Xu Sword sect. Hence, they only met today.

Wen Jing passed on the black token to Lu ZhiShan and slowly told him about the over ten years that he had spent with Lu YunFei. Of course, he didn’t mention the part about possession, nor did he mention the combination of love and hate that Lu YunFei felt towards Lu ZhiShan.

Lu ZhiShan gripped the Lu family token. Once he heard the name “Lu YunFei”, he felt a bit embarrassed and awkward as he fell deep in thought. When he once again opened his mouth, his voice faintly contained some sadness: “When your grandfather was young, I overlooked him, causing him to run away from home.”

Because of the guilt and regret that he had towards Lu YunFei, Wen Jing was kept by this older person’s side as he described all of Lu YunFei’s words and actions in detail. Lu ZhiShan quietly listened. He didn’t say much, only occasionally asking a few questions.

Wen Jing knew that this chance couldn’t be lost and began probing about the Heng Yang palace incident. 

“Why are you asking about Heng Yang palace?”

“When grandfather was drunk, he once said that the massacre of Heng Yang palace was completely different from the rumours. Two methods of Heng Yang palace went missing, making him feel regretful even right before his death.”

These words were all bulls***, but Jun YanZhi had said that Lu ZhiShan knew some inside information. Lu YunFei was dead, so there was no way to verify anyway. No matter what, he had to get some words out of Lu ZhiShan.

“How did you hear about it?”

“It seems to be from a cultivator surnamed Li.”

Lu ZhiShan’s expression immediately became dark. He was silent for a long time before he asked: “What did you hear?”

Wen Jing cautiously muttered: “……I heard that Heng Yang palace was actually massacred by Gu Jing sect.”


Seeing that Lu ZhiShan’s face was full of dark clouds, Wen Jing immediately closed his mouth like he was mute. It was only after a long time that Lu ZhiShan finally calmed down and slowly said: “Since you have already heard about some things, I won’t hide it from you. Except, this incident had nothing to do with the Gu Jing sect. Don’t speak about it randomly outside.”

“I understand.”

Lu ZhiShan cleared his throat: “That cultivator surnamed Li is a disciple under me. That year, he was unlucky and was involved in the Heng Yang palace incident, but it was only because he was deceived by someone. He had already repented long ago. Before he died, he had written a letter to me, confessing and repenting. Don’t go out and spread this. Otherwise, it’ll harm the reputation of Gu Jing sect.”

“Wasn’t Heng Yang palace massacred by Yun Shaoyi?”

Lu ZhiShan sunk into silence for a while: “It has already been over ten years. What’s the use of mentioning it again? That Yun Shaoyi has already died anyway. Blaming it on him is much better than spreading it around openly.”

Wen Jing lowered his head and said with a miserable smile: “……I understand.”

Lu ZhiShan sighed and continued: “That Yun Shaoyi also isn’t completely innocent. When my disciple had killed half, everyone started to go insane. Thinking about it, the calamity must have been due to Yun Shaoyi.”

“Why did they go and massacre Heng Yang palace, and who deceived and instigated them?”

“Why are you asking so much?”

“Elder Lu isn’t curious?” Wen Jing lowered his head.

“It didn’t say on the letter.”

“How did cultivator Li become clear minded again?”

Lu ZhiShan frowned and looked at him: “He couldn’t figure out what was going on and didn’t know how he became clear minded again. At that time, he was seriously injured and didn’t have time to think about anything. He scrambled to escape quickly.”

“That year, no outsider’s body was found in Heng Yang palace. And why was that? If there had been the body of an outsider, it probably wouldn’t have been easy to push it all onto Yun Shaoyi.”

Lu ZhiShan stroked his beard and frowned, staying silent.

“……Elder Lu, could it be possible that someone had led this group of people to massacre Heng Yang palace, and then when these people left, he had taken care of the aftermath and pushed everything onto Yun Shaoyi?”

Lu ZhiShan closed his eyes and burst out with a few words: “Don’t say anything more about this incident.”

“……Yes.” Wen Jing silently lowered his head and drank his tea, but he couldn’t help it and raised his head, saying, “It seems that the incident that year wasn’t small. Who knows how many people were involved?”

Lu ZhiShan had his eyes half closed as he looked at Wen Jing, slowly saying: “You are my great grandson. Naturally, I’ll take care of you. However, if you care about too many things and bring disaster, it’ll be hard for me to deal with it. Do you understand?”


“Weren’t you going to set off for the south to gain some experience? These few days are good. You should set off.” Lu ZhiShan indifferently gave a phrase used to send off guests. 


Wen Jing somewhat understood why Jun YanZhi didn’t want him to know about what had happened that year. That night was so painful. Talking about it was probably like taking off a layer of skin. 

He had lost his home when he was little and had nowhere to go. Wen Jing, however, wanted to chase him out of Hui Shi peak.

In fact, the one who should leave Hui Shi peak wasn’t Jun YanZhi; it was Wen Jing himself. At the very least, he should return everything that belonged to Jun YanZhi, let him have a good reputation, and live a peaceful life. Perhaps, he could even get to know a good girl who loved him and have a family. 

In order to achieve these, he needed to pull out the person who was hiding in the dark and controlling everything. Otherwise, the people of Hui Shi peak would still die. Jun YanZhi would still go crazy. This time, it would probably be more uncomfortable than that stab Wen Jing had given him. 

He deduced that the person who had caused the death of the Hui Shi peak disciples was the same person who had led people to massacre Heng Yang palace that year. The reason why he wanted to kill Liu QianMo and the rest was probably because he wanted to rile up Jun YanZhi’s emotions, causing him to reveal his identity and bring upon himself life-threatening disaster. 

If this deduction was correct, then Duan Xuan was definitely innocent.

Just what was this person’s goal?

Lu ZhiShan returned the black token in his hands to Wen Jing. Smiling amiably, he said: “I’ll let people prepare some things for you. Bring them along tomorrow.”

“Much thanks, Elder Lu.”

“……Actually, you can call me great grandfather.”


Lu ZhiShan quietly sighed: “Go on. It’s fine if you just come visit often.”

“Much thanks Elder Lu.”

The “some things” that Lu ZhiShan had prepared were one thousand low grade spirit stones, fifty middle grade spirit stones, and a high grade spirit stone. There were also pills made by Golden Core stage elders and talismans that could save his life in dangerous situations.

Wen Jing was not polite and packed up everything. Carrying the big tortoise on his back, he left Gu Jing sect.


Not long after leaving the mountain, the mosquitoes on his shoulder suddenly became anxious and swayed as they flew towards a certain direction.

Wen Jing wanted to capture them. Two of them, however, desperately struggled, buzzing. A suspicion rose in Wen Jing’s heart. He let go of them and let them lead the way in front.

A few days ago, it snowed a few times. Vast expanses of white covered everything. Occasionally, one could see a few snow wolves. The mosquitoes flew for about four hours. Finally, they stopped in front of a frozen lake, landing on the snow.


In the distance, there was a small wooden house for hunters, and spiritual Qi faintly floated in the air. Feeling uneasy, Wen Jing slowly flew towards that small wooden house and saw a young child and a middle-aged person come out of the house together, whispering. 

He quickly squatted down and hid.

 “Dad, that person has already been frozen stiff and suffered such heavy injuries. He probably won’t wake up, right?” The little boy gestured, “The sword stabbed into his waist was this long.”

 “Let’s come again tomorrow. He is probably dying.”

Wen Jing was filled with fear as he waited for the two people to leave. Then he rushed into the small wooden house, as if he was flying, and gently opened the door. The room was messy. A person laid on the simple bed, covered in blood and already frozen into ice. Ice crystals were all over his face and body that was frozen white, his eyes closed as if he had already died.

“Jun shixiong……” Wen Jing panicked and rushed up. Wasn’t he in Raomu villa? Why was he here?

He hugged Jun YanZhi, feeling for his soul.

His breath was basically nonexistent, and his soul was weak!

Wen Jing put the storage bag and the big tortoise on the ground. He immediately stripped the clothes of the two and hugged the body that was frozen stiff.

The big tortoise crawled out.

“Jun shixiong……” Jun YanZhi’s face was faintly blue. Wen Jing helplessly kissed his lips that were cold and hard and had lost the softness of the past, “Why didn’t you heal yourself?”

A steady, continuous stream of warmth flooded into the ice cold body. Wen Jing sent the warm spiritual Qi into his body with his mouth. 

The night gradually arrived. The messy little room became dark. Wen Jing didn’t dare to move. His spiritual Qi had been exhausted, and his vision started to go black. 

He rested for a while, waiting for his spiritual Qi to slowly recover. Then he continued to transfer it to his body.

Finally, the body in his arms slowly became soft.

Wen Jing tightly hugged the slowly warming body, his head leaning on his shoulder. He gently said: “Shixiong, from now on, I will definitely protect you.”

His head was dizzy and heavy. He didn’t sleep that night. Once dawn arrived, the body in his arms finally gained some color.

Wen Jing got off the bed, took out a healing pill, and fed it to him. Then he carefully pulled out the SuXin sword on his waist. Red, fresh blood gushed out. Jun YanZhi groaned. Wen Jing’s movements stopped. He nervously glanced at him, afraid that he would sit up and slap him; however, in the end, that person didn’t wake up. 

He dressed Jun YanZhi and then gently caressed his face.

He looked really good……

Wen Jing’s heart felt itchy. He lowered his head and covered his lips. His eyes, however, were wet: “Once you’re awake, you won’t let me kiss anymore, so let me kiss until I’ve had enough right now.”

Wen Jing lowered his head and bit his ears and neck, sucking gently.

Right when he was committing indecent deeds with a nervous heart, a young boy’s voice came from afar: “Dad, could that person be already dead?”

Wen Jing was shocked. He picked up the storage bag in a hurry and ran out. Picking up the big tortoise outside with one hand, he slipped away.

“Dad, a fox ran out just now!”

“What fox? Don’t talk nonsense.”

Wen Jing hid in the distance and watched. He saw the little boy rush into the room and then yell out in surprise: “Dad, how is this person fine?”

“……He’s really fine. Go find some things for him to eat.”

Wen Jing watched the wooden house for a while, then he put the big tortoise on his back and quietly flew up.


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  1. Wen Jing was so worried. So cute!!! Sadly he left his shixiong once again :))))) I hope he still stays around taking care of his shixiong for a while at least. 💔

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    1. Oh yeah, instead of getting the method to make it up to him, Wen Jing should just nurse him back to health and maybe use himself to repay. *wink wink* ^^


  2. I really think that during the time when JYZ was unconscious and WJ is taking care of him, JYZ can feel the care of WJ and maybe hear what WJ said but faint

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