Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 65

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

The worst case scenario would be that Jun YanZhi first captured He Ling, then he would pretend to treat Duan Xuan and take his life instead. Wen Jing had gone traveling a few days ago. Otherwise, maybe Jun YanZhi would’ve also captured him.

He had to hurry up and take a look. Please let it not end in disaster!

Wen Jing jumped towards the sky. 

Liu QianMo froze for a moment and then yelled at his back: “Why are you going right now? Your Jun shixiong is busy right now!”

Wen Jing couldn’t wait until he finished, disappearing like smoke. 

Liu QianMo hatefully chased after him and said in a low voice: “It’s only been a month of not meeting. There’s no need to be this anxious!”

Wen Jing wiped the sweat on his forehead. He was so anxious that a layer of sweat had appeared over his entire body.

He had just bathed and didn’t have time to deal with his wet hair, only wearing a thin white robe on his body. It was soaked and stuck to his body. Wen Jing spent a lot of time practicing the sword, so his figure was not bad. That robe was a bit transparent, making his tight and well-proportioned muscles more apparent.

Wen Jing’s heart was burning from anxiety as he stood outside Duan Xuan’s door to listen. There were no sounds whatsoever. He couldn’t wait. Kicking the door open, he said: “Shixiong, wait! Listen to my explanation!”

Inside the room, two pairs of eyes immediately turned towards him.

Jun YanZhi was just like usual, dressed in plain turquoise robes with a turquoise hair ribbon and sitting on a wooden chair, expressionless. Even though Wen Jing broke in, huffing and puffing, he didn’t show the tiniest bit of emotion. It was as if nothing had happened. He calmly looked at him. That pair of eyes indifferently looked him up and down before he frowned and turned his gaze to the side.

Sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness all surged up in Wen Jing’s heart, but he didn’t dare to look at him. He forced himself to look at Duan Xuan instead, who was half-sitting on the bed, slightly opening his mouth.

Not only was Duan Xuan fine, he had also woken up! Jun YanZhi didn’t make a move on him……

Duan Xuan’s face was pale white as if he was heavily ill. His expression, however, was cold, hard, and dark, looking at him with a sword-like gaze.

“Breaking in without knocking, something happened?”


Liu QianMo walked in with his head lowered and said in a small voice: “Shifu, don’t get angry. Shidi traveled for over a month and had just returned. Probably because he hadn’t seen……shifu and Jun shixiong for a long time, he missed you guys greatly, so he was this impatient.”

Wen Jing didn’t dare to imagine what Jun YanZhi was thinking and lowered his head: “…………”

Duan Xuan’s tone of voice warmed a bit: “YanZhi, I’m already fine now. You have worked hard for two days. You should go back and rest.”

“This disciple is leaving.”

Jun YanZhi didn’t say anything or look at Wen Jing and left like a cool breeze.

Wen Jing froze. Smelling the familiar, faint scent of grass and wood, he wanted to chase but didn’t dare to. He bitterly wailed in his heart. He had almost killed Jun YanZhi two months ago. He wanted to find the《Five Elements Returning Sword Method》to please him but accidentally made his family inheritance incomplete and defective. How could he be shameless enough to go find him?

“Where did you travel to?” Duan Xuan slowly asked.

Wen Jing, with his head lowered, said: “I went to the Red Maple sect in the south.” He saw that Duan Xuan nodded his head and didn’t say anything more. Instead, he cautiously asked: “Shifu, this disciple heard about something while traveling. I feel that it is a bit weird, so I want to ask shifu.”


“Shifu, have you heard about the Heng Yang palace massacre over ten years ago?”

Duan Xuan frowned and looked at him: “What’s wrong with all of you? Why are you all asking me about Heng Yang palace one after another?”

Wen Jing was shocked: “……Who had asked?” As soon as he finished talking, his brain kicked into action. He quietly asked: “Jun YanZhi also asked just now?”

Duan Xuan lowered his head and fell into his thoughts for a while as if he was remembering something that he did not want to remember. It was only after a long time that he said: “I’m not clear on what had happened in the Heng Yang palace incident.”

“Around the time when the Heng Yang palace incident happened, did shifu hear anything?” Wen Jing continued to question, unwilling to give up.

Duan Xuan’s tone of voice became severe: “I have said that I’m not clear on what had happened in the Heng Yang palace incident. I didn’t hear anything about it at that time.”

Wen Jing felt that it was weird. The Heng Yang palace incident was so large that it stirred up the whole Zhu Feng country. Even if Duan Xuan was very solitary and cut himself off from worldly affairs, he would still hear a bit of news. How could he not know anything at all?

“Shifu was in seclusion then?” Wen Jing hardened his scalp, deciding to let it all go and ask until the end.

Duan Xuan coldly looked at him: “Why are you asking me about this?”

Wen Jing lowered his head and quietly said: “When this disciple was traveling, I heard people say that the Heng Yang palace incident was very strange, and there were some places that didn’t quite match up, so I…… am a bit curious. I thought that shifu should have heard some things about it that year, so I just thought to ask.”

“What did you hear?” Liu QianMo, who was standing right next to him, asked. 

“This disciple heard that the Heng Yang palace incident wasn’t caused by Yun Shaoyi. He was framed.”

Duan Xuan frowned: “……So? What does that have to do with you?”

Wen Jing was stuck. It was only after a while that he said: “……Curious.”

Duan Xuan coldly said: “If you have the energy to care about these random things, why don’t you practice the sword?” He gazed out the window as if he didn’t want to talk anymore, coldly saying: “Go out. Don’t keep bothering me with this.”


Duan Xuan didn’t seem to be lying, but he was definitely hiding something. His expression was very strange. Wen Jing thought and thought, but he was completely unable to guess what had happened that year. He couldn’t help but want to discuss it with Jun YanZhi.

Since he had also asked Duan Xuan about the Heng Yang palace incident, maybe he also wanted to investigate again……

In the end, should he go and find Jun YanZhi? What should he say when they meet?

Right now, he was currently in the height of his anger. He definitely didn’t want to talk with himself……

Wen Jing was troubled for a long time, thinking that if he took the initiative to ask about his injury, then it shouldn’t offend him. Since he was cut with a sword, then let him use a sword and cut him. At least, being a man and letting him vent was better than being a coward who hid in their shell. He picked up the big tortoise that was eating fruits on the ground and flew out with a “whoosh.”

The wind blew, and the water was cold. The hero left, never to return. 

The clanging sounds of fighting came from afar, rocks bursting apart and birds chaotically screeching and flying. From time to time, there would be a groan or shout. Liu QianMo was so angry that his voice was cracking: “You two, stop! Fighting is not allowed! He Ling, Jun YanZhi, are you guys listening?!”

Wen Jing was so scared that most of his soul had left his body. Why was second shixiong back?

He was currently fighting with Jun YanZhi. Wouldn’t this give it all away? Did he think that things weren’t messy enough?!

“He Ling, Jun YanZhi can’t beat you! You’re going to kill him!” Liu QianMo’s voice was trembling, his face pale white from anger. He was on the verge of hurling abuse.

He Ling’s hair was scattered and messy, and stubble had appeared on his chin. The white clothes that he was wearing were a bit dirty and weren’t neat anymore. His face green, he sent a violent attack towards Jun YanZhi as if he had already gone crazy from hatred: “This brat’s cultivation is at least at the Golden Core stage. You guys, don’t trust him! He locked me up for days!”

Jun YanZhi didn’t say a word, trying hard to resist. Staggering, he was hit by a few wind blades. His whole body was covered in blood. 

“He Ling! Stop!” Liu QianMo’s voice became hoarse as he pulled out his sword, “Do you guys want to kill each other?!”

“Second shixiong!”

“Stop fighting!”

Mo ShaoYan, Gu Jing, and them, who were hiding far away, also anxiously started yelling.

He Ling’s movements and attacks didn’t slow down in the least. He shouted in an extremely icy tone: “Jun YanZhi, use your real strength!” He had yet to finish when a large whirlwind appeared on his palm. It seemed to have used all the strength in his body. The branches from the nearby trees as well as the stones on the ground were all pulled into the whirlwind. In an instant, the whole world turned dark, sand and stone flying. 

“Not good.” Liu QianMo’s face was pale white as he cried out, “Someone’s really going to die.”

Everyone was unable to see clearly and could only feel the fierce winds blowing, making people unable to stand stably. Their faces were scratched by the peripheral winds, and it hurt as if it were knives. Everyone quickly covered their faces.

Right after, two pained groans came from inside the fierce winds. The entire sky was covered in blood rain. With blood splattering, everyone in the surrounding basically became a blob of red. 

Mo ShaoYan yelled in horror: “Jun shixiong!”

Liu QianMo pursed his lips and rushed up: “He Ling, I told you to stop!”

The fierce winds finally started to gradually slow down. The stones and branches also fell onto the ground. The surrounding trees that were neatly trimmed were all jumbled and haphazard, so damaged that they didn’t look like trees anymore.

Jun YanZhi’s face was blue as he stood in place. His body had numerous cuts, slowly bleeding, but he didn’t seem to have any mortal injuries. He hugged Wen Jing, who was covered in blood. He lowered his head and gently called out: “Shidi?”

Wen Jing’s head was drooping. Bone deep injuries were everywhere on his body, and there were four cuts from wind blades on his chest. However, he was no longer conscious. 

Liu QianMo bit his lip, his voice slightly shaking: “How is it? Is he okay?”

He Ling’s face was ice cold as he tightened his fist. 

Jun YanZhi expressionlessly looked at He Ling, then he picked Wen Jing up and said in a low voice: “Eldest shixiong, I’m going to take him to treat him.” He didn’t return to his own room. Jumping off the cliff, he flew into the distance.

Liu QianMo’s face fell, and he said to He Ling in a rough tone: “Just what’s going on? If something happens to that stupid kid, are you going to pay with your life?”

He Ling coldly looked at him: “How would I know that he would run in?”

“Good, good, good……” Liu QianMo was so angry that his lips were trembling, “If he didn’t rush in, Jun YanZhi would be the one who might die! Do you want to kill him? Are you crazy?!”

He Ling sneered: “Jun YanZhi wouldn’t die.” He thought for a while and didn’t speak anymore, but extremely strong anger appeared on his face. Without a word, he flew away.


This was the summit of Hui Shi peak; however, it seemed different than usual. On the edge of the horizon, the setting sun was a blood red, but it wasn’t beautiful in the least. Instead, it was bloody and ferocious as if it wanted to swallow people.

The sky was blood red, and the ground was also full of fresh blood. Fear grasped his heart, creeping and spreading like vines. The broken body parts on the ground were badly mutilated and were a bloody mess as if they were laid out by someone into a strange arrangement. 

This scene seemed to be familiar……

Where had he seen it before? Just where had he seen it before?

“Drip drip,” in the silence and stillness where time seemed to have paused, he seemed to have heard the sound of fresh blood dripping down from the leaves.

The appearance of the head was a bit blurry. He had to look closely……

With his eyes open and unable to close them even in death, it was Mo ShaoYan……This one that was missing a half was Li Shu…… Gui XinBi’s eyes were similar to dead fish eyes……


Wen Jing woke up, yelling in horror, a layer of cold sweating covering his whole body. All of a sudden, he returned to reality. His body which was light became heavier than a lead block.

He almost cussed out loud. Tightly clenching his fists: “Fu——”

The last “ck” hadn’t left his mouth yet when his lips were broken from biting. 

“Shidi, you’ve woken up.” A gentle voice came to his ears.

Wen Jing froze. He gritted his teeth and looked at the person lying by his side. Slowly, he became a bit embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He quickly said: “Jun shixiong……”

Jun YanZhi’s hand was on his waist, slowly caressing: “He Ling’s Four Winds technique is hard to treat. You have to take good care of your health for a few days.”


This was Wen Jing’s own room. The big tortoise laid on the ground and gnawed on fruits with an attitude of “this doesn’t concern me”. It didn’t raise its head and look at him so it didn’t realize that he was awake.

Wen Jing didn’t dare to say too much and quietly said: “How long have I been unconscious for?”

“Two days.” Jun YanZhi lightly said, “You should continue to sleep.”

Wen Jing swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help trembling slightly. Just now, he dreamt of the day when his shixiongs had died? The heads were all of people whom he was familiar with. Seeing them dismembered, it felt like the nightmare had become reality. It was truly too scary, okay?

It was just that this scene really felt a bit familiar……

Wen Jing deeply frowned as he sifted through all the locations in his mind one by one. Just where had he seen it? Sky Balance sect? Red Maple sect? Gu Jing sect? Qu Xu sword sect? Eight Winds Cliff……

He remembered……

Wasn’t that place Eight Winds Cliff? After walking out from that long tunnel under the mountain, what could be seen was the scene of the ShuiYue palace disciples!

“Don’t want to sleep?” Jun YanZhi’s voice was right by his ear.

“I can’t sleep.” Wen Jing mumbled.

Could the meaning of this dream be that the person who caused the ShuiYue palace incident was the same person who would ultimately harm his shixiongs?

The Eight Winds Cliff incident truly didn’t seem to be Jun YanZhi’s way of doing things. Additionally, it happened before Jun YanZhi obtained the《Hundred Herbs Thousand Souls Method》. It was very likely that he was framed!

Was this a pointer given by the heavens, or could it be that the detective in his subconscious had finally awakened and his mind finally became more intelligent, so he was able to figure out the answer in his dreams?

“Shidi…… Are you still angry at me?” Jun YanZhi lightly leaned on Wen Jing’s head.

Wen Jing was stunned: “Shixiong, I……”

“Why did you save me just now?”


Because from now on, I want to protect you well. 

Wen Jing glanced at him, then he lowered his head, his heart sorrowful. Thinking about this sentence in his head was still fine, but saying it out loud face to face was so unbearably cringy. He opened his mouth and then closed it, awkwardly glancing elsewhere.

“I also don’t know. I just rushed in.”


The wind blew, and the water was cold. The hero left, never to return: This line was actually from a poem collection called 易水歌 (pinyin: yì shuǐ gē) which was written during the warring states period of China (475 BC – 221 BC). It was basically describing the war since the hero leaves only to never return. I think the author was referring to Wen Jing holding those kinds of feelings when going to find Jun YanZhi like a soldier who was prepared to die in war. 

Tn: Oh no. Now that Wen Jing’s suspicions have been cleared, He Ling is suspicious of Jun YanZhi…… *Sigh* 

There’s also that reminder from the heavens and whatnot. I feel like this is just all mind games. We don’t know if the system is trustworthy since there were a few iffy moments. We know that You Si was involved but not the sole/main perpetrator. The tortoise even seems suspicious and now dreams? Wen Jing, if I were you, I wouldn’t be trusting anything about now. 

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  1. I want to slap MC. Just how stupid is he? Doesn’t he have any consideration for ML at all? It’s cringy so you won’t give him any reassurance? He’s asking if you’re angry and you won’t even clarify that he is the one who should be angry with you? So fucking shameless.

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    • Yeah! Although I’m not at the point where I want to slap them, I just want to grab both their shoulders and shake them. Communicate! It is the foundation of a good relationship! It’s so frustrating and anxiety-inducing, watching them dance around each other. Like, words! Where are your words? MC and ML, both of you guys just need tell people what you are thinking.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s very encouraging to see comments. There seems to be some problem with the site labeling nonspam comments as spam tho, so your comment accidentally went to spam. Sorry about that.


  2. ““I also don’t know. I just rushed” what…what kind of answer is it?😅😄. I’m glad that JYZ is not angry to him and hasn’t lost his faith in him. They just have to convince HL that JZY is not the real culprit. Thanks for the translation!

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  3. This novel is making me paranoid, I don’t trust anything anymore!

    Hoping next chapter give us some spicy dog food to eat~ We want meat! Meat, meat, meat!
    Important things need to be said 3 times~

    Thanks for the chapter ~🌸

    (Will we ever get second shixiong x eldest shixiong?)

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