Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 66.1

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Jun YanZhi was silent for a long time. He rested his face on his shoulder, gently caressing his hair: “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Jun YanZhi’s fingers ran through his hair. Wen Jing felt like the roots of his hair were tingling. He quietly said, “Shixiong, don’t you hate me?”

Jun YanZhi hung his head for a second. Then, he slowly said: “I hate you so much that I want to kill you.”

Wen Jing’s eyes became wet: “……I see.”

“Towards me, do you not feel the slightest bit of……” Jun YanZhi tightened his hold on him, gritting his teeth, as he quietly said these few words before he immediately held back and pursed his lips. 

Wen Jing bitterly looked at him.

“Why did you save me?” Jun YanZhi whispered in his ear, “Don’t you hate me? Always thinking that I harmed shifu and the shixiongs, don’t you hate me so much that you want to kill me?”

“……I was wrong, shixiong.” With new pain and old injuries mixing together, Wen Jing messily apologized.

A warm face slowly approached. All of a sudden, Wen Jing’s lips were gently licked by someone and then quickly sucked on. An electric current seemed to pass through him. His body was hugged even tighter, and his injuries were hurt from the movement. He tried to say something but was unable to make a sound.

“He Ling wants to kill me. Wouldn’t it be all good if you just let me die?”

“I was wrong, shixiong.” He slightly raised his voice, a bit agitated.

“Hurting me and then saving me, what is it that you are thinking?”


The hand on his waist felt around, moving down. The two people’s bodies tightly stuck together. Wen Jing’s waist was captured, and his body was unable to move.

Not long after, he shook as if he had been stimulated, lightly panting. 

His entire body hurt from his injury being moved. However, Jun YanZhi was currently at the height of his anger. He didn’t have any gentleness. Wen Jing was pressed onto the bed by him; his face pale white, he couldn’t help but let out a sound, begging for mercy.

“Towards me, do you feel even the slightest bit of……” Jun YanZhi was unwilling to give up and continued to ask, his voice containing resentment, pain, grievance, sadness, and all kinds of complicated emotions all mashed together, revealing a gaze that was similar to a beggar before it immediately turned to hatred. 

“I do……”

The leg that was covered with injuries and wounds was pressed on. The hot body covered him.

Jun YanZhi didn’t talk anymore and wrapped them both in the blanket without hesitation. Wen Jing let out a pained groan but didn’t stop him. In the chaos, there were only the sounds of their intertwined breaths and the occasional moans of Wen Jing. 

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. Ah——

一A night without sleep.

Ultimately, the body’s ability to hold up had a limit, especially since he was injured. After a few hours of being tossed about back and forth, Wen Jing finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He quietly said: “Shixiong, take your time playing. I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep for a while.”

Right after, his head dropped, and he fainted.

“Shidi?” Before falling into dreamland, he heard an anxious shout.

Once he had regained consciousness, the sky was already bright. Who knew how long had passed. Wen Jing moved his body. The pain seemed to have lightened. Light stretching movements, however, still caused some pain. Inwardly, he thought that not dying was already good. He slightly turned his head and got shocked. 

Jun YanZhi laid by his side, motionlessly staring at him, his eyes swollen and his face filled with tears. That appearance was like……he had just cried.

“Shixiong, what’s wrong?”

Jun YanZhi closed his eyes and opened his mouth. His voice, however, was unbearably hoarse and sour: “You were unconscious for two days and two nights.”

“…………” Wen Jing softly said, “Did I scare you?”


Everything was finally peaceful and calm.

Wen Jing wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. It felt as if his entire body had fallen apart. Did this count as them having reconciled or not?

The room was dark without any light, yet it felt peaceful and cozy. The big tortoise laid on the ground and ate fruits. Its body was steady and didn’t move, making people feel tranquil.

Jun YanZhi laid down on the bed with his eyes closed and rested. Once again, he tightly hugged Wen Jing. Wen Jing didn’t dare to talk too much, nor did he dare to move. With his eyes half closed, he daydreamed.

Jun YanZhi’s skin tone was fair and white. Wearing a turquoise robe brought about an elegant and educated feeling. However, after he took off his clothes, one would know that he often practiced the sword. He was a cultivator after all. His muscles were defined and wouldn’t lose out to martial artists. 

Wen Jing, with his head raised, watched him for a while but didn’t dare to touch nor caress in the end. He leaned on him in a very proper way. 

Jun YanZhi raised his eyes and looked at the big tortoise, saying quietly: “Didn’t this big tortoise die that day? How come it’s alive again?”

“Yeah…… It’s alive again.” Wen Jing couldn’t help but hold his forehead.

Jun YanZhi half closed his eyes, his expression a bit dignified: “This thing is a bit strange.”


“This tortoise is my spirit beast. As soon as it dies, I would no longer be able to perceive it. At that time, when Wen RenMu said that this tortoise was dead, I wasn’t able to perceive it anymore. It was only then that I was sure that this tortoise had already died.”

“Someone influenced your perceiving ability.”

Jun YanZhi indifferently said: “If they want to cut off the connection between me and my spirit beast, their cultivation has to be at least higher than mine.”

“…………” Were people like that rare?

Jun YanZhi got off the bed and calmly picked up the tortoise to check. Then he put it in front of Wen Jing: “You take a look and see if this tortoise is the same one from before.”

Wasn’t this your tortoise?

Wen Jing very confidently said: “There’s no need to look…… Shixiong, I have already lived with this big tortoise for many years. Not to mention the pattern on the shell, even its personality, habits, and little movements didn’t change. It’s definitely the one from before.”

Jun YanZhi lightly paced around the room: “Could it be that this big tortoise really revived?”

“What did you think of?”

Jun YanZhi thought for a while and then smiled: “Nothing, maybe I’m thinking too much.”

He went onto the bed, laid flat next to Wen Jing, and closed his eyes.

Wen Jing suddenly thought of something that he had been hung up about for a long time. Seeing that Jun YanZhi was in a pretty good mood, he quietly asked: “Shixiong, you once said that you……uh……are ‘guilty of terrible crimes, and everyone is required to administer punishment.’ Who told you this?”

“Why are you asking about this?” Jun YanZhi slightly frowned.

“Randomly asking.”

“……I’ve thought this since I was little.”

“That’s your own opinion of yourself? Why?”

Jun YanZhi’s voice was a bit low and bitter: “Can I……not say it?”

“……That’s fine. If you don’t want to talk about it, then forget it.” Wen Jing hugged his waist and then rubbed his head on him.

Jun YanZhi was silent for a long time, before finally saying: “……When I was little, I thought that I was the one who had killed the over four hundred people of Heng Yang palace.”

Wen Jing quietly said: “You lost your memories when you were young?”

“Maybe I lost my memories, or maybe my memories were sealed by something. Anyway, I couldn’t remember it clearly. I just vaguely remember a few parts but not the whole thing. It was only after seeing the ShuiYue palace disciples killing each other three years ago on Eight Winds Cliff that I remembered everything.” Jun YanZhi calmly said as if it was all unrelated to him. He turned his head and looked at the dew on the window.

“……So it was like that.”

Wen Jing motionlessly looked at the ceiling.

The system’s moral standing value was probably not the system’s evaluation of the person. Rather, it was that person’s evaluation of themselves.

It had to be as such. Otherwise, it was impossible to explain this phrase, “Guilty of terrible crimes. Everyone is required to administer punishment.”

With this, all the unexplainable things could all be explained……

Since he was young, Jun YanZhi believed that he had personally killed his father, mother, and sister. How could he not think that his crimes were unforgivable? Whenever people mentioned the Heng Yang palace massacre, they all said, “They should’ve killed the child earlier.” Over time, he came to believe that “Everyone is required to administer punishment.” However, how could Jun YanZhi bear it when he heard these kinds of words?

Wen Jing anxiously said in his head: “The moral standings here weren’t determined by you. It was their own evaluation! What the hell?”

A line of words appeared in his head: “The moral standing feature completely conforms to the settings of the original novel. It was not against the rules. Please refer to chapter 245 paragraph 18 of the original novel 《A Calamity for All Living Things》, host.”

A box with the original novel popped out.

This section was about Duan Xuan’s memories. That year, he and Lu Zhen quarreled because of the issue of killing people. Lu Zhen said: “Good and evil, right and wrong are all one’s opinions, especially when they come from different standpoints or positions. Naturally, their way of doing things are different as well. The things that you believe are right, I, however, might not agree with. It’s also hard to convince another. No matter what other people say, they still have their own views and opinions.”

“Which meant, everyone’s standards and criteria were different. I, the system, have a hard time deciding. Thus, I released how everyone viewed themselves.”

Wen Jing’s heart was a mess. He was slightly angry. That -1000 moral standing value didn’t represent Jun YanZhi’s moral standing at all. Instead, it was actually his fear and guilt.

“Why didn’t you say so before?”

A line of words appeared in his mind: “No comment.”

“Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t my good and evil standard be used to measure moral standing?”

“The amount of calculations is too large. The system’s level isn’t high enough.”


Another line of words appeared in his mind: “The host has successfully identified the system’s moral standing value. The hidden mission has been completed, and the system’s ‘retreat after successfully accomplishing the mission’ end has been activated. Congratulations to the host for completing the main mission ‘Find the Devil’ and the side mission ‘Reform the Devil.’ Host, please take care of safety. We’ll meet again some day.”

Without any heads up, it all became black inside his mind.

The big tortoise on the ground raised its head. After a long time, it lowered its head and continued to eat fruits. 

Wen Jing shook his head and called out a few times. His mind, however, was as quiet as still water. Everything disappeared without a trace.

Just like this?

He strangely felt a bit reluctant to part……

This “Self Defence System” had never forced him to do anything. Instead, it often guided him. Although it would sometimes ruin things, overall, it wasn’t bad. He couldn’t help but feel that he still had some words to say to it.

Wen Jing carefully sat up.

“Where are you going?” Jun YanZhi captured his waist and tightly hugged him.

“……Cooking noodles for you.” Wen Jing softly appeased him.

Misery had befallen Jun YanZhi since he was little, so it wasn’t hard to understand why he had no sense of security right now. The stab that he gave him a few days ago with the sword must have created fatal trauma. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given up and wanted to die……

It struck his heart, and there was no remedy. Even if he regretted it now, there was no use.

Jun YanZhi was just about to reply, but his voice suddenly dropped. “Don’t go…… It’s too late.”

“What late?”

Suddenly, a large surge of spiritual Qi came from outside the door.

Wen Jing immediately turned his head: “Who’s there?”

Many shadows appeared on the curtain. He could vaguely see many cultivators land on the ground. It seemed as if they had gathered many people.

“They have all come.” Jun YanZhi softly said.

“Jun YanZhi, come out and talk.” That was Xi Fang’s steady voice. 

Tn: I know that the situation is very tense right now, but “Shixiong, take your time playing. I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep for a while.”  – Wen Jing.

Wen Jing, what were you thinking? I was dying of laughter translating that line. Why would you ever say that in that context?

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  1. I still want to slap MC. He knows he’s insecure and still doesn’t say he likes him? What is he waiting for? I’m so frustrated!!!

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  2. After 3 days I finally caught up which is not good. Now I have to wait like everyone else. (ㄒoㄒ)

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  3. Why isn’t he more focused on understanding You Si? You Si basically admitted of harming DX and HL. Why isn’t he wondering his motive, background, and intention? It seems to me that You Si knew too much of this world. You Si even knew that WJ is someone from another world!
    And the system just admitted that the evaluation is based on your own evaluation of yourself, so why does You Si evaluates himself between positive and negative moral standing??

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    • That’s pretty interesting question. Maybe because he himself (You Si) is aware that’s he’s doing also bad/evil/unjust things? I don’t know I’m not clear about the whole plot, yet

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  4. “The system’s moral standing value was probably not the system’s evaluation of the person. Rather, it was that person’s evaluation of themselves.” This really explain a lot! Finally we understand a long standing mystery! Thinking of it there is a lot of people who think really highly of themselves 😅.
    Now that our boys are settled whatever misunderstanding was among them, it’s time to set off to catch the culprit! Thanks for the translation!

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  5. I know right, I was like ‘WTH, Wen Jing?! XD’

    Lmao, this child! What was even going through his mind at that moment?

    On the other hand, I guess this means our boys have graduated from their ‘cherry boy’ status~ Congrats~! ~\( ≧▽≦ )/~ 🍒

    Thanks for the chapter ~🌸

    P.D.: Is it just me or was that the most useless system ever?

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    • Yeah, I had to triple check that one when I was translating.

      This system has been pretty nonexistent. I expected it to appear more since this is a system novel, but I almost forgot about the last few chaps. oops.

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  6. I read the other translator’s chapters back before you picked this up again, and I remember the smut wasn’t as censored. That line made more sense in the context of the smut.

    Your translating is so much more comprehensive though and I’m super glad to have you back.
    Thank you.

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