Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 69

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Li QingYun was bathing in the spring within the dense mountain forest. In the past, this was a place off the beaten path, making it quiet and comfortable. Tonight, however, a bunch of disciples with invisibility talisman came over here for some reason. Laughter and the sound of conversations mixed together, making her irritated. She didn’t fancy being naked near male disciples, but she couldn’t attack them. Unhappy and angry, she was completely unable to continue bathing. 

She was just about to throw on her clothes and leave when, out of the blue, she heard Wen RenMu’s heartbroken words as he bitterly questioned another. It immediately fanned her flames of anger. 

She was one of the five Golden Core stage cultivators of the Qing Xu Sword sect. If she wanted to kill Wen RenMu, who was in the middle of the Foundation Building stage, it would be as easy as breathing. She stood in place without moving, cold light shining out of her beautiful eyes. A few wisps of strong winds completely surrounded and wrapped up Wen RenMu.

Wen RenMu held his neck, remaining silent as if he was being choked. His handsome face was instantly flushed, swelling and even turning red.

Li QingYun asked, “Who’s the woman who’s having rendezvous with you??”

“……” Wen RenMu gritted his teeth and didn’t respond. 

The spiritual Qi on his neck instantly tightened. Wen RenMu couldn’t breathe, his eyes rolling upwards and his heart filled with bitterness. 

Li QingYun slowly said, “Tell me who that woman is.”

Wen RenMu’s head felt heavy, and he was extremely terrified inside. Anxiously pointing at his neck in panic, the meaning was, “I can’t take it anymore. First, let me go!”

The reason that Li QingYun appreciated Ji KeQing was completely because her noble and cold temperament was a bit similar to herself. Thus, she had some sympathetic feelings and affinity towards Ji KeQing. She taught her with utmost care for a few years, and the feelings that she had became even stronger. How could she allow a man to casually bully her? Even if he is Lu ChangQing’s eldest disciple, it was still not okay.

She had thought that Wen RenMu was honorable and led an honest and clean life. He had also persistently chased Ji KeQing for a few years, and Lu ChangQing personally came forward to propose the marriage. It was only then that she could be rest assured in matching him with Ji KeQing as dual cultivation partners. Who knew that he would do something like this in private? It was completely preposterous.

As soon as the hold on Wen RenMu’s neck loosened, he immediately fell onto the ground, panting heavily. Li QingYun’s spiritual Qi pressed on him, making him unable to even move a finger and so uncomfortable that he felt like his bones were going to break.

Once the Tian Heng peak disciples saw the situation, they couldn’t help but ask for mercy, “Peak lord Li, have mercy!”

Li QingYun didn’t even look at them as she harshly said, “I still have things to ask you all, and you all still dare to beg for mercy? All of you, shut up and stand there. No more words!”

The twenty-some people promptly stood still like pieces of wood, not daring to make a peep.

“Speak. Who’s that woman?” Li QingYun’s voice wasn’t loud, but it made people’s backs feel cold and hair stand up. 

Wen RenMu lowered his head and gritted his teeth.

This Li QingYun was truly vicious. Women’s reputations were more important than men’s reputations. Making him state Rong Xuan’s name in front of so many people, how could Rong Xuan confidently lift her head up in the Qing Xu Sword sect from now on?

Even if there were only him and Li QingYun here, he still couldn’t say it!

“Not saying it?” Li QingYun’s voice was very light.

Wen RenMu’s heartbeat sped up, and he didn’t dare to raise his head to meet her eyes, so he only hung his head and didn’t speak.

Suddenly, a few thuds rang out. Wen RenMu’s body shook, and in the blink of an eye, a few bloody holes were added to his body. A few bloody stains slowly expanded like blossoming plum blossoms on his white clothes. He didn’t expect Li QingYun to attack so fast. His eyelashes shook as he held back a groan and kept his mouth shut, forcibly swallowing the sounds of pain down. 

The disciples’ expressions changed, but they didn’t dare to even move. They felt that it was unbearable to look at, and their gazes were collectively filled with sympathy.

“Still not saying it?”


Li QingYun lowered her head and looked at him, letting out a cold sneer. She lightly waved her finger. In just a moment, a wave of spiritual Qi flew towards Wen RenMu’s heart!

Once it hit, he would definitely die!

Wen RenMu’s heart jumped to his throat. 

Unexpectedly, that wave of spiritual Qi curved at the last second, moving two inches to the left. It didn’t hit his heart, but it definitely scared Wen RenMu half to death. Sweat poured out of his whole body. 

“Ah——!” His left chest was hit right in a major vein. 

“I’m asking you one last time. Are you going to say it or not?”

Wen RenMu’s whole body shook. The fear in his heart had reached its limit. His face was white as he looked at Li QingYun. Anyone could see that, right now, he was already so scared that he couldn’t even kneel stably, shaking and wobbling. However, no one knew what he was thinking. It was as if he had hardened his heart, refusing to say anything.

A few Tian Heng peak disciples said, “Shixiong, just say it!”

Li QingYun was extremely angry. “Even if you die, you’re still going to protect that woman?”

Wen RenMu’s forehead was full of cold sweat, “…………”

Without warning, a wave of spiritual Qi flew towards Wen RenMu’s neck!

“Shixiong!” The Tian Heng peak disciples screamed in horror.

Wen RenMu fearfully thought, ‘I’m definitely going to die today, definitely going to die! I’ve lived well for a few decades. But who knew that I’ll be killed by a bunch of women?! Ji KeQing doesn’t care about him. Rong Xuan cheated his feelings. This Li QingYun even wants to kill him. Just what monstrosity did he commit in his past life that he has to be tortured by this group of women?

In his next life, he’d definitely stay away from women!’

Right at this moment, that wave of spiritual Qi had abruptly stopped right before his neck, scratching out a shallow and long wound. The spiritual Qi didn’t hurt him; instead, it hit the trunk of a nearby tree, letting out a crisp cracking sound. 

Wen RenMu stared, his eyes like copper bells and his lips trembling, “…………”

Li QingYun, “…………”

She lowered her eyes and looked at him for a moment. Her expression gradually relaxed, as if a large portion of her anger had already dissipated. Even her shoulders weren’t as tense anymore.

She slowly turned around and put her hands behind her back, asking Gui XinBi, “Just what is going on tonight?”

Things changed too fast. Gui XinBi thought ‘not good’ and quickly lifted up his skirt, walking towards her in order to admit his wrongdoings. That skirt made it somewhat difficult to move. Gui XinBi took small and short steps, his posture a bit willowy. It instantly made those disciples start laughing.

He truthfully and honestly said, “When this disciple returned to his room, on my bed, there were women’s clothing, hair accessories, a few invisibility talismans made by Golden Core stage cultivators, and a letter. I read that letter. That letter told this disciple to wear these clothes and wait here tonight as well as to bring a few disciples to come watch, saying that there would be a good show to watch.”

He didn’t dare say that the letter had mentioned that it was Wen RenMu’s good show. He silently stood to one side with his head lowered.

The Tian Heng peak disciples also nodded one after another and replied in unison, “We also received a letter. It said that we only needed to come watch, and then we’d each receive a middle grade spirit stone.”

Li QingYun asked Bei Yan peak’s Gao Xiao, “This was also the case for you?”

Gao Xiao was silent for a moment as if he had some unspeakable secret. “This disciple also received a letter. Except, the reason that this disciple came was that the handwriting on the letter was extremely similar to someone.”

Wen RenMu kneeled on the ground and listened dumbfoundedly. He had long been unable to hold back anymore and quickly interrupted, “Who?”

Gao Xiao lowered his head. “This disciple doesn’t dare to make this claim with full confidence, but the handwriting on that letter is extremely similar to a missing Bei Yan peak disciple——You Si.”

Liu QianMo seemed to have some impression and said, puzzled, “…… It’s him?”

Li QingYun asked, “Who’s You Si?”

“Originally, he was only someone with four spiritual roots, but he entered the Foundation Building stage at eighteen and was considered a talent even in Bei Yan peak. A few days ago, after we went to handle affairs in the Gu Jing sect, he went missing.”

Wen RenMu became agitated and said, “Do you have that letter? Quickly, let me see it.”

Gao Xiao looked towards Li QingYun as if asking for permission. The other didn’t object and slightly nodded.

Gao Xiao pulled out a folded letter from his chest and carefully held it before Wen RenMu. “It’s this letter.”

Wen RenMu took the letter. When he hadn’t looked at it, he was still fine, but once he had taken a look, he was angered to the point of smoke coming out of his seven orifices. Wasn’t this handwriting the same as the person who had threatened him a while ago? “Midnight rendezvous, lingering and tangling together to the point of forgetting yourself. If the peak lord of Wang Yue peak knew, she would be extremely elated.”

First writing a letter to scare him and then setting him up, could this person have planned it from the beginning to purposely torment him? 

His face turned alternating shades of red and white, ugly and stifling as if he had just eaten a bowl of bitter lotuses. Everyone had no idea what happened and looked at one another.

Li QingYun asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I, I don’t know. It seems that someone is targeting me.”

Li QingYun observed him intently. Wen RenMu’s expression was filled with resentment and fear. He didn’t seem to be lying. She wasn’t an idiot and thought, ‘Where would these disciples get so many talismans made by Golden Core cultivators? How could Wen RenMu fall into the trap in a panic? And why lead him to her bathing place? It’s obvious that there’s a powerful person involved.’

Wen RenMu, still nervous, looked at her. “Much thanks to Peak Lord Li for not killing me……”

Li QingYun squinted her eyes, “……”

Just now, her anger was hard to calm. She had originally wanted to cripple this fickle hypocrite; however, even in the face of death, he still held onto that woman’s name and wasn’t willing to say it……

She also didn’t know why, but at that moment, she wasn’t able to actually cripple him.

When Li QingYun was young, she had suffered a setback due to the word “love.” Having been disappointed and given up for many years, she hated frivolous and fickle people to the bones. Although this Wen RenMu had many shortcomings, he could still be considered devoted and committed……

She gently lowered her head. A sliver of unhappiness appeared on her beautiful face before she coldly said, “All of you, immediately return to your peaks. Tomorrow, I’ll tell your masters to harshly punish all of you.”


Wen RenMu didn’t dare to stay and stood up unsteadily. Mixing into the group of disciples, he swiftly ran away.

He pondered hard but still couldn’t figure it out. How in the world had he offended You Si? What kind of person was he that he had such heaven-defying abilities? In the future, would he still continue to find trouble for himself?

Wen RenMu absentmindedly returned to his living quarters and tightly closed the door.

He had just calmed his fear when a low laugh came from a dark corner. “Has WenRen shixiong been well?”

Wen RenMu’s heart stopped for a second. Half of his soul was scared out of his body before he instantly calmed down and asked, “Who?” With his cultivation level at the middle stage of Foundation Building, he actually couldn’t sense the person in this room!

That man smiled. “WenRen shixiong, there’s no need to be scared. I was born with some bad habits and enjoy messing with people. The fact that WenRen shixiong could still show consideration for Rong Xuan while in such a dangerous situation really makes me surprised and full of admiration. Today, I came here because I wanted to entrust something to you so that you can help me pass it on to someone.”

“You are You Si?”

Something flew out of the darkness towards him. Wen RenMu stretched out his hand and caught it. Its texture was smooth and polished. “Jade?”

“Help me pass on that piece to Jun YanZhi.”

“……” Wen RenMu gritted his teeth.

You Si lightly chuckled.    

  “Help me pass on that piece of jade to Jun YanZhi, and I’ll think of a way to help facilitate the relationship between you and Rong Xuan. The person who lured you out today wasn’t her but my illusion skill.” 

Wen RenMu coldly said, “Who said that I wanted to repair our old relationship?”

You Si smiled and said, “The jade is in your hands. Whenever you have given it to Jun YanZhi is when I’ll help you.”


You Si smiled and said, “Did you know that Rong Xuan wasn’t sent by the peak lord of Xi Zhu peak to harm you? When she was together with you, it was completely out of sincerity and love.”

Wen RenMu froze. “What did you say?”

“She treated you sincerely, yet you hurt her heart. It was only for the sake of her pride that she lied and said that she only approached you because of the Fuxiang pill. You hurt that pitiful woman until there wasn’t a single uninjured area on her body. Are you confident that you can coax her back?”

Wen RenMu, “…………”

The window suddenly opened. In the darkness, a human figure rapidly flew out. He was backlit by the moon, so Wen RenMu couldn’t see him clearly. His voice sank. “Help me pass on that jade to Jun YanZhi.”

Wen RenMu coldly asked, “Why don’t you give it to him yourself?”

You Si was silent for a moment. His voice, however, seemed to carry a bit of an unwillingness to admit defeat.    

  “You can tell him that I can’t wait to kill him. I’m afraid that once I see him, I’ll no longer be able to hold back. You help me do this, and I’ll send Rong Xuan straight to you.”

“…… Just who are you?”

“This, you don’t need to know.”

The black shadow outside the window suddenly transformed into a flash of red light and flew straight to the sky like a streak of vermillion lightning that split the skies, before disappearing without a trace in an instant.

Wen RenMu touched the smooth jade and quietly said, “How…… do I pass it on to him?”


It might be sound weird that she’s happy with Lu ChangQing personally coming to help his disciple propose marriage, but in ancient China, a lot of the times, marriage is mentioned and brought up by the parents or guardians, so it seemed like they were taking the marriage very seriously because Wen RenMu’s master, a peak lord, came in person to mention the marriage. 

Tn: You know, this made me feel a tiny bit bad for Wen RenMu. He seems to have actually fallen for Rong Xuan and was willing to protect her reputation with his life. 

Also, it looks like I jumped to conclusions and overestimated you Gui XinBi. 

Why are you back You Si? I thought you went into the clouds or something? Go back there and stop messing with things until Wen Jing comes back. If that piece of jade makes Jun YanZhi do something stupid, do you believe that I’ll stop translating what you say and pretend you don’t exist in this story? (Just kidding, I won’t actually do that.)

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8 thoughts on “Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 69

  1. What’s the deal with You Si? (Btw, I can’t stop reading his name as Yoshi lol)

    At this point it’s obvious he’s the antagonist, and he must be behind every strange thing that has happened so far (unless there’s still someone else), but why? Why does he hate our shixiong so much?

    But more importantly, Jun YanZhi, when will you actually get moving and search for the turtle as Wen Jing asked you to do?! If you think he’s dead, can’t you at least fulfill his last wish? The longer you take, the longer he’s trapped in there and suffering. I’m worried…

    Thanks for the chapter ~🌸

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    • Right? I really want to know what his motivations are too. Like is he another transmigrator? Does he have a feud with Jun YanZhi’s family since I don’t think Jun YanZhi did anything to him?

      Yeah, but I also feel like there’s one more person to this since he said that he wasn’t the one who brought Wen Jing here but did play a part in it. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the one that brought Wen Jing here isn’t even on the same side as You Si.

      Oh yeah, the poor turtle.

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