The Last Cat in the Universe Status Update (LCU)

Hello, it seems that another group has picked up this project, and since I haven’t updated this in almost a year, we (my editor and I) have decided to officially drop it. I really liked this project which is why I really clung onto it, even though I didn’t really have the time to translate it, but after seeing that the other group is translating it pretty quickly and well, I think I can be rest assured in just letting go of it and lurking their translations. ^^

Here’s their link:


Announcement! (Follow Up)

Hello! I’m officially back from finals! Here’s an update on how things will go now that I have thoroughly sorted things out and got some sleep. If there are any other concerns or things in general, you can tell me through the contact page on this website or use the comments.

A Smile from the Villain will be taken over officially by the new group which means it has been dropped by this group. This group is new, but they like the project a lot so I trust that they will do the project justice. I will be helping with editing their translations to help with accuracy since they are new. They can be found here: Edit: I can’t seem to find their website anymore. Here’s the link for the new group doing it.

The Last Cat in the Universe is on hold for now. I’m waiting to see whether the group that contacted me releases. If they don’t by the end of December, I’ll continue this project until I finish or they release.

As for Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother, I might continue to translate since there seems to be a lot of interest in it continuing here. It’ll be slower than the other group most likely, and I won’t be adding the updates to NU out of respect for the other group. If you guys are fine with that, I’ll continue translating it as a for-fun side project for those who wish to read it. If you guys don’t really care, or the other group is upset about it, then I’ll just drop it since someone else has already picked it up. ^^