Announcement! (Follow Up)

Hello! I'm officially back from finals! Here's an update on how things will go now that I have thoroughly sorted things out and got some sleep. If there are any other concerns or things in general, you can tell me through the contact page on this website or use the comments. A Smile from the … Continue reading Announcement! (Follow Up)


(Note: Relatively long post) Hello! So, as you guys might've realized from the lack of releases, I've been a bit busy, and I haven't been able to really check anything related to translating until recently. This is basically a heads up on what's happening if you are confused or don't really know what's going on … Continue reading Announcement!

ASV Chapter 7

 <Prev | TOC | Next> Translator: SilverNeko Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo! Position “Shixiong, you have promised.” Once she heard Qin Kaiyi’s promise, Liu LingEr was finally satisfied. With tears swirling in her eyes, she glared at Shen Feixiao. Qin Kaiyi was bitterly crying in his heart. What Qing Xuzi hated the most were those with questionable characters. … Continue reading ASV Chapter 7

ASV Chapter 6

 <Prev | TOC | Next> Translator: SilverNeko Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo! A Murder Case Started by a Chicken Qin Kaiyi gave Shen Feixiao the chicken and left. He knew Shen Feixiao’s days were hard. He probably hadn’t eaten meat since he came to Spirit Mountain sect. Qin Kaiyi returned to his own cave and stretched. Just as … Continue reading ASV Chapter 6

ASV Chapter 4

 <Prev | TOC | Next> Translator: SilverNeko Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo! Content on the Skills of Beating People Within three days, give Shen Feixiao a beating. This mission made Qin Kaiyi truly understand what dark clouds looming over someone meant. Could it be that he really had to beat Shen Feixiao up because of Liu LingEr? Although … Continue reading ASV Chapter 4

ASV Chapter 2

<Prev | TOC | Next> Translator: SilverNeko Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo! Protagonist Every transmigrator should have a strong diamond heart. If they weren’t strong, then they would probably find a piece of rope and hang themselves to death. When it was looked at from this perspective, Qin Kaiyi was strangely qualified. Because after a night of psychological construction and … Continue reading ASV Chapter 2