A Smile from the Villain Chapter 1

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!



Plenty of snow drifted copiously and disorderly floated down onto the barren earth. There were only ten thousand kilometers of wasteland with a piece of weird stone canyon in the middle. The valley of the canyon was emitting rays of blue light. That light was sometimes hidden and sometimes would give an illusion of ghosts and evil creatures at night, making one’s heart feel cold.

If one carefully observed the light up close, they would be surprised to find that the light was being emitted from a large array made up of extremely complicated strokes[1]. The large array covered the entire long and narrow valley.  The middle of the valley housed the array eye of the large array. At the eye of the array, there was actually a locked up man in a red outfit.

The man had a head of long jet black hair. His cold and harsh looking face was full of red lotus patterns. His eyes were closed as if unconscious, however; when an ice cold snowflake landed on the tip of the man’s hair, the man that originally had his eyes closed,  slowly opened them. His pupils, akin to a flame, were deep and calm. Like the flames of hell, deep to the point where it was impossible to see through the varied emotions contained within them.

Feather-like snowflakes one by one gradually piled upon the man’s body. It was unknown how much time had passed. The man who was shackled with metal chains slightly raised his head, looking towards the hazy sky. A while later, his thin lips slightly open and spit out a sentence: “Shen Feixiao, you d*ck…..great grandfather[2] I 𐤳 𐤳.”


Qin Kaiyi was a writer of light novels.

The most normal type of leveling up cultivation light novels with a variety of golden fingers and a variety of BOSS killing. His writing wasn’t considered very good or very bad. It was also very conventional. His income was just enough to barely get by.

Today was the day that the final BOSS of his third novel was being eliminated. The light novel was called 《Different World Cultivation Record》……A passerby level name and a passerby level of plot……It absolutely gave a very cool feeling while reading and then forgetting the cool feeling right after, which was a very standard result.

The love and feelings in the novel were also very elementary. It’s just about how a normal boy activated golden fingers, how he leveled up, and how he stood at the top of the world kind of dog blood[3] story. And Today, Qin Kaiyi would write the death of a very important BOSS——The novel protagonist Shen Feixiao’s senior martial brother, Qin Shi.

Qin Kaiyi, coming from a human perspective, actually liked Qin Shi very much because this character to a certain extent was abnormal due to being forced.

From birth, Qin Shi’s talent was better than Shen Feixiao. Relying on the fact that he was more favored and pampered than Shen Feixiao, he bullied Shen Feixiao a lot. His abnormal state started when he was little. Shen Feixioa bore all kinds of burdens, suffering, and humiliation, and finally opened up the protagonist’s halo and picked up a peerless cheat. Then he surprised them, using WangBa[4] gas on a marital little sister called Liu LingEr that Qin Shi had always liked. He turned her into one of his of concubines which were uncountable in number.

Qin Shi, because of this, felt jealous and hatred. He, time and time again, plotted against Shen Feixiao, attempting to use unfair means secretly to kill Shen Feixiao, but of course, he didn’t succeed……As a villain……His main purpose was being a stepping stone to help the protagonist level up. If he really did get rid of the protagonist, then wouldn’t he be stoned to death by the readers? That’s why the Qin Shi after that was very miserable.

Next, being tormented by Shen Feixiao in all kinds of ways, he was demonized[5] when cultivating and very unlucky fell into demonic cultivation.

This was just great ah, now when the protagonist killed him, it’s even more justified. Since ancient times the righteous and demonic were never able to stand each other. As the final BOSS, after Qin Shi and Shen Feixiao’s battle, he was sealed into a large array. Since then it was impossible for him to do evil deeds again.

Such a wonderful and perfect plot. Qin Kaiyi typed while smoking a cigarette and thinking. Once Qin Shi was eliminated this book could finally come to an end. Sigh, this Qin Shi truly was pitiful. He actually didn’t really do a lot of bad things to deserve such a miserable ending. To tell the truth, if you didn’t have the protagonist’s fate and halo, then don’t stir up trouble. Being sealed especially wasn’t as good as being obedient and honestly following the rules, living in the mountains, farming and sleeping with some little sisters[6]. Maybe he could’ve even ended up with a reasonably good ending.

As he was thinking this, Qin Kaiyi stubbed out his cigarette into the ashtray and got up, heading towards the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. The him who turned around did not see that right at the moment he left, the computer that originally displayed a word document suddenly turned pitch black. The screen then became like a lake that had a pebble dropped in it, rippling with a wave. Soon afterward, a pair of big black hands reached out from the middle of the waves and directly captured the Qin Kaiyi that was heading towards the kitchen.

The Qin Kaiyi that got directly captured was stunned and failed to react at that time. The coffee cup in his hands, because of the shock, dropped to the floor with a crash. Next, there was no next. In a few seconds, he was directly dragged into the computer screen by that pair of big black hands.

……F*ck. Can this world get any more paranormal, seriously? That was the last thought Qin Kaiyi had before losing consciousness.

“Shixiong[7], shixiong, wake up quickly okay? Shixiong……” Who’s calling him……

“Shixiong, if you still don’t get up, master will get angry.” Can you stop blindly making a racket? So annoying……

“Master. Why did you{respectful version} come? Take a look at shixiong. Just what is wrong with him.” The young girl’s voice carried a hint of a crying tone.

“Qin Er, Qin Er[8].” A hoarse old voice penetrated Qin Kaiyi’s eardrum. He sleepy opened his eyes and saw a wrinkly old face.

“……” Who is this person? The Qin Kaiyi who felt as if his head hurt to the point that it’s going to explode made a suffocating sound and barely managed to keep himself from fainting again.

“From what I see, Qin Er had a nightmare. Ling Er, truthfully tell master. Where did you guys go to play yesterday?” The tone of the hoarse old voice was very serious.

“I…….We……” The girl called Ling Er began stuttering. It was obvious that she did something she shouldn’t have.

“You guys went to the forbidden grounds?” The old person sighed: “You guys truly are! Foolish! What do I tell you normally? Did you pull your shixiong in again this time?”

“I, I……” Liu LingEr’s tone was aggrieved: “I didn’t do it on purpose. Master stop scolding me and quickly take a look at just what’s wrong with Qin shixiong. Why won’t he wake up?”

“Sigh, I’ll first go to Zhong Yangzi’s place to get some medicine. You watch over him.” Qing Xuzi shook his head: “Hopefully, it’s not that serious.”

“……” Just what the hell was this? The Qin Kaiyi that just woke up heard the conversation between the old person and the girl. He completely didn’t understand the situation before his eyes. What Ling Er and Qin Er? Did they think they ’re filming a movie?

“Shixiong, shixiong.” Seeing that dazed and stupid appearance of Qin Kaiyi who just woke up, Liu LingEr also felt a little uneasy: “What’s wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?” Yesterday, she just had to make a racket telling shixiong to take her to the forbidden grounds to look around. However,  just as they entered, they were directly thrown out by a mysterious force. She wasn’t injured, and Qin Shi also looked fine without any abnormalities. Who would have thought that the second day her shixiong wouldn’t wake up no matter how much she called.  With no other choice, she could only go find master. She didn’t think that the result from the end conjecture was actually related to the forbidden ground…..

“Wuwuwu[9]. Shixiong, it’s me that wronged you. Wuwu……” Then she started crying. Liu LingEr sobbed quietly: “Shixiong, what’s wrong? It’s all LingEr’s fault. Shixiong, I’ll never be so willful again……”

“……What did you say you were called?” Qin Kaiyi thought it’s either he went crazy, or the woman in front of him was crazy……

“I am LingEr. Liu LingEr.” Seeing her shixiong finally opening his mouth to talk, Liu LingEr hurriedly added: “Shixiong, where are you uncomfortable?”

“What is my name?” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was faintly trembling.

“……Qin Shi.” Liu LingEr hesitantly  said: “Shixiong, what’s wrong?”

“The F*ck!!!” Qin Kaiyi directly fainted again.

“……” Liu LingEr blanked out for a few moments. With a wa[10] sound, she started crying. She unstably ran outside. Yelling while running: “Master, shixiong became stupid!!!”

It was already night when he was once again awakened with someone’s help. Surrounding Qin Kaiyi were old men with tightly knitted eyebrows. Once they saw him wake up, they all let out a happy and surprised expression. Of course, the happiest one was Qin Shi’s master, Qing Xuzi.

“Qin Er, you’ve finally woken up.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi waking up, Qing Xuzi hastily helped him up: “How do you feel now?”

“……dizzy.” Qin Kaiyi spat out one word.

“Sigh, you got a soul departing illness.” Qing Xuzi touched Qin Kaiyi’s head and said in a blaming tome: “Didn’t I tell you not to fool around with your shimei[11]? Now look, something happened. Qin Er, my disciples depend on you for stability. If you want to blame, then you can blame the fact that you spoil your shimei too much. Tell me. What should master do if something were to happen to you?”

“……Master, I understand now.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare let the person in front of him see any flaws…….If he got taken as a possession or demonic thing by others, who knew whether they would directly burn him to death.

“Then rest well, I’ve put the medicine on the table. Remember to eat it.” Qing Xuzi touched his senior disciple’s head and stood up: “Master still has some important things to do and won’t disturb your rest anymore.”

“Yes, master.” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was hoarse.

Qing Xuzi nodded his head then left with a bunch of people, leaving  Qin Kaiyi with a dark expression.

……He transmigrated……Seeing Qing Xuzi had gone far away, Qin Kaiyi laid back down on the bed. His still hurting head started to slowly think……He transmigrated to become the villain he himself wrote——Qin Shi.

The f*uck. Wasn’t this world too mysterious? He held his head with his hands. Qin Kaiyi, right now, really wanted to cry but had no tears. If he transmigrated, then just transmigrate. Why did he have to transmigrate into a big villain that would eventually become a cannon fodder?? Wasn’t this forcing him to carry out his own “farming” tactic? Otherwise, compete with the protagonist’s halo. He didn’t believe that he’ll be able to survive that.

Right when Qin Kaiyi came up with an idea, a sharp and penetrating voice sounded from inside his body. 【System reminder: Warning! Warning! Your idea will change the original plot! Please cultivate! Please cultivate!】

“What?” Qin Kaiyi’s expression turned abnormally ugly: “Who’s talking?”

【System reminder: Please follow the original plot, please follow the original plot, please follow the original plot.[12]

“……” Qin Kaiyi had a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat that he didn’t puke out[13]. Damn this system reminder wanted to defy the heavens!! Follow the original plot. Wasn’t that asking him to obediently watch the protagonist grow up and then get chopped up by him???

“Just what did I do to experience this .” Helplessly he lamented, looking upwards while on the bed. Other than a bitter laughter, Qin Kaiyi simply did not know what to say.


[1] In Chinese since the characters aren’t like letters. They are written in strokes. The picture below explains it better afterall a picture is worth a thousand words.

download (2).jpeg

[2] The boxes were there in the raws. I think the author doesn’t want us to know his name yet. Also in China they believe in seniority a lot so they believe they are superior to you if they are your uncle or grandfather. They like to look down on you by calling themselves your uncle or grandfather. And before you ask the X’s were they were in the raws too.

[3] If you’ve read other Chinese novels you’ll have most likely run into this term. It means something along the lines of unbelievably cliche.

[4] The name of a poisonous gas mentioned in light novels a lot. Also has properties of a love potion if the author wishes to use it that way.

[5] This can happen under a variety of reasons such as sustaining bad injuries, being corrupted, losing control during meditation. There’s a difference between righteous sect cultivating and demonic cultivating. If this happens to you, then you will become a demonic cultivator.

[6] Remember in China they refer to people as sisters, brother, uncles, and aunts, but they aren’t always related so he isn’t talking about sleeping with his sister.

[7] A way of calling senior martial brother but shorter and follows after the family name. It will be included in the glossary.

[8] A form of endearment like putting little or xiao in front of a person’s name. Normally this form is used by someone older than you who’s almost like family or your lover. Even close friends would sometimes give you this kind of nickname.

[9] Crying sounds.

[10] Also a form of crying sound like Wuwuwu. Just pronounce it directly.

[11] Means younger martial sister. It will also be in the glossary.

[12] Important things are said three times in Chinese for emphasis.

[13] Not literal blood. It stands for being very angry since in China if you’re too angry you puke blood or at least that’s what happens in dramas. I don’t know why either. I just know that it’s a thing to puke blood when you’re angry.


This chapter was sheer torture because of all the fancy explanations of the scenery and weird idioms, but thankfully only the introduction chapter is this long-winded. Also, I tried to cut down on the number of footnotes as possible for things that I thought I could just try to find an equivalent or get by explaining in the text, but it still is a lot. It’ll get better though since this is the first chapter. There was also Chinese swearing, yay! I censored it just in case anyone reading needs it to be.

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    ““What is my name?” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was faintly trembling.

    “……Qin Shi.” Liu LingEr hesitantly said: “Shixiong, what’s wrong?”

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