ASV Chapter 2

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!


Every transmigrator should have a strong diamond heart. If they weren’t strong, then they would probably find a piece of rope and hang themselves to death.

When it was looked at from this perspective, Qin Kaiyi was strangely qualified. Because after a night of psychological construction and strengthening, he had finally accepted the cruel truth and started to think over the current problems.

Wasn’t it just becoming the villain? Wasn’t it just following the plot? At any rate, it was written by himself. Why was he still afraid that he couldn’t find a BUG to eliminate the protagonist? However, the system that gave him a warning was a big problem……But Qin Kaiyi firmly believed that no matter how perfect a system was, there was bound to be some flaw! Also, instead of being concerned over something so long-term and far away, it was better to worry about his current situation. He had transmigrated to become the child version of Qin Shi. Furthermore, he himself didn’t remember having written a scene about Qin Shi mistakenly barging into the forbidden grounds so what was supposed to happen next……Qin Kaiyi couldn’t really remember.

“I just knew that I shouldn’t have dragged it on for a million words, and make it so that even I, myself, can’t even remember anymore.” His mouth babbled and mumbled. Qin Kaiyi felt stuffy while he sat on the bed. He also didn’t know whether Shen Feixiao had entered their Spirit Mountain sect yet……

Just when Qin Kaiyi was tangled in his thoughts, the shimei that will abandon him in the future, brought good news——”Shixiong, shixiong, are you better? Are you better? If you’re better, then come with me to look at the new shimei and shidi. Master said that this year I can raise and lead a little shidi by myself ~” A voice that was filled with happiness came from the door. Once Qin Kaiyi heard the news, he got shocked——If he didn’t remember it wrong, he established enmity with the protagonist at this part in the story!

Although Spirit Mountain sect in the cultivation world couldn’t be counted as the best sect, it definitely wasn’t weak. The sect not only had two Nascent Soul ancestors[1] guarding it, but the disciples also came from a talented generation. Just with the inner disciples, the number of people was above 10,000. The number of outer disciples with lower qualifications didn’t even need to be mentioned[2]. The number 10,000 may not be a lot in the mortal realm, but in the cultivation realm, absolutely no one would dare to say that it was a small amount.

As the senior disciple of the sect head in this kind of sect, the status of Qin Shi was something one just only needed to think, to know.

However, the enmity with the protagonist Shen Feixiao could only be blamed on this high above status. The personality that Shen Feixiao adopted in front of people was introverted, hard-working, practical, and of few words. If this kind of personality was put anywhere else, then it would not be very liked, but in the cultivation realm, it was definitely a good seedling.

The reason was that cultivators pay more attention to cultivating the mind. The more steady, calm, and persistent a person was, the higher was the probability of them stepping onto the ethereal land in the immortal realm.

This was precisely the reason why Qin Shi’s shimei liked Shen Feixiao. She wanted to take him under her wing to do 𐤳 𐤳 [3]. Qin Shi who saw this situation was naturally unhappy. He originally saw Liu LingEr as an object already in his hand, but now a Shen Feixiao appeared out of nowhere. Wasn’t this challenging his authority?

Thus, he used plenty of underhanded schemes and methods in secret. He even almost caused Shen Feixiao to lose his life. Qin Shi had sowed his own seeds for his future tragedy.

“They have already come up the mountain?” Qin Kaiyi asked after pondering for a moment.

“They have already come up. Shixiong, hurry and get up. If we go late, then the good seedlings will be chosen by others.” Liu LingEr said in a spoiled tone.

“Okay.” Qin Kaiyi lightly answered. He wore his outer garment, then got down from the bed, and he left with  Liu LingEr, who stood outside the door, towards the entrance to the mountain.

Every year the time when new people were being chosen, was the time Spirit Mountain sect was the most lively and noisy. All the seedlings chosen from the mortal realm would be gathered at the entrance to the mountain to undergo all kinds of testing. Those who couldn’t withstand the testing were naturally sent home. Those who could withstand the test were not automatically granted with entrance to the cultivation path to become an immortal, because of the large number of people. Those chosen 𐤳 𐤳 kids. Some of them would be chosen by the higher up people to bring up and educate well. Some could only follow some second-rate disciples to learn the most basic cultivation method.

Shen Feixiao’s talent was obviously not considered very good, so he wasn’t specifically picked out, but… so what if he wasn’t specifically picked out? The protagonist’s halo was invincible. If his future situation and circumstances could be said out loud, then it would definitely cause a bunch of people to envy him to death.

The truth proved that the trajectory of the plot couldn’t be changed because Liu LingEr with a single glance picked out Shen Feixiao from the crowd of people.

“Shixiong, I want that person. Is that okay?” Liu LingEr pointed with her fingertips and a  face full of smiles.

“……En[4]?” Qin Kaiyi looked in the direction  Liu LingEr pointed and saw an unhealthy yellow and thin youth. The youth looked to be only seven or eight years old. His body was obviously underdeveloped. Qin Kaiyi secretly sighed in his heart……He really shouldn’t have written Shen Feixiao’s birth that tragically. Although he didn’t feel anything when writing it, now that he actually saw it, if he said he didn’t feel anything, then that would be fake. After all, he was the root of Shen Feixiao’s suffering……Nevertheless, it wasn’t completely his fault. His thoughts took a turn. Which protagonist didn’t have to suffer before he was covered in glory? What was popular right now, was protagonists with a bad birth and past……

“Shixiong, shixiong, what are you thinking about?!” Liu LingEr saw Qin Kaiyi’s distracted look and quietly said: “I’m asking you a question shixiong.”

“……Do whatever you want.” Qin Kaiyi said hesitatingly. Originally, it’s because he wouldn’t let Liu LingEr take in Shen Feixiao, but no matter what amnesty formed,  the original still couldn’t change the results in the end. Right now, if it wasn’t because he was still worried about that system warning, then he really wanted to clap in favor of it.

As soon as Liu LingEr heard Qin Kaiyi agreeing to her idea, Liu LingEr quickly said: “The person over there. Yes, I’m talking about you. Come over here.”

Shen Feixiao didn’t say anything and obediently walked over.

“What’s your name?” Liu LingEr asked: “Are you willing to be my shidi?”

“Shen Feixiao.” His introduction was abnormally brief. On Shen Feixiao’s skinny and weak face, was a pair of black eyes bright enough to scare people: “Is there food to eat?”

“Of course. Every day  you’ll be able to eat a meal till you’re full.” Liu LingEr obviously didn’t think Shen Feixiao would ask this kind of question: “Are you only worried if there is food to eat?”

“……” Shen Feixiao didn’t talk anymore.

Of course, Qin Kaiyi knew why Shen Feixiao asked that kind of question. The set up in the novel was that his mother was a prostitute while his father was a government official. According to the most dog blood[5] plotline, his birth mother died early, and he received all kinds of abuse from his stepmother. If it wasn’t for this chance at cultivation, then he probably would’ve died before he became an adult.

“If there’s food, then I’ll follow you.” When Shen Feixiao felt that the atmosphere had turn cold, he said another phrase.

“……How did they find such a non-promising thing?” Liu LingEr started muttering again in a quiet voice and was a little displeased.

“……LingEr.” Feeling that the plot took a turn off its path, Qin Kaiyi hasty said: “With this half-hearted and fickle look of yours, you still want to find a shidi to teach? I think you should just not delay others.”

“Shixiong, what nonsense are you saying?” Once Liu LingEr heard Qin Kaiyi’s words, she wasn’t happy anymore. She wasn’t like Shen Feixiao. She was always the only girl in the family and was treated as a treasure and spoiled by her parents. Although her personality wasn’t overly stubborn and annoying, it definitely wasn’t soft and mild. Once she heard her shixiong doubt her, she pouted.

“If you’re going to pick, then pick. If not, then let’s leave.” Qin Kaiyi purposefully made his voice sound a little cold: “With the time right now being wasted, it would be better to use it to cultivate. Just look at your stagnating progress.”

“Okay, then you it is.” The Liu LingEr who got rebuked by Qin Kaiyi was not in a very good mood. Shen Feixiao even got shot while lying down[6] by her: “Really disappointing, humph. And I thought about all the different kinds of interesting people I can meet.”

“Let’s go.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t go and coax Liu LingEr. To tell the truth……When he saw Shen Feixiao, his heart was in a very delicate state.  It could be said that before this he had a bystander attitude to this world, but now he had already accepted the cruel truth. After all, even the protagonist had appeared. What excuses could he use to decieve himself with?

They brought Shen Feixiao back. Liu LingEr obviously was only passionate about this for 3 minutes. Once she saw that Shen Feixiao wasn’t as interesting as she thought, her tone of voice also became lazy: “You’ll live here from now on. When I have time, I’ll come to teach you. When I’m busy, just cultivate by yourself. Here, take this book and read it.”

“Okay.” He stretched out his hand to receive the book Liu LingEr held out. Shen Feixiao didn’t really care about Liu LingEr’s cold attitude. Since he was young and up until now, most of the people by his side had this kind of attitude. If Liu LingEr had an enthusiastic attitude, then he actually wouldn’t have been very accustomed to it.

“……” Shen Feixiao didn’t really care, but Liu LingEr’s behavior made Qin Kaiyi frown. Originally, according to the plot, he and Liu LingEr should’ve had a big argument. This caused Liu LingEr to become interested in Shen Feixiao. Now, he didn’t argue with Liu LingEr……so……Liu LingEr wasn’t interested in Shen Feixiao?

……This still didn’t count as changing the plot?  An uncountable amount of ideas and thoughts flashed by, in Qin Kaiyi’s mind. He kept thinking that he found out something, but couldn’t quite place a finger on it right now.

Liu LingEr didn’t know what Qin Kaiyi was thinking. She saw Shen Feixiao’s stupid and dazed expression and had long lost interest. She hastily said to Qin Kaiyi: “Shixiong, didn’t you catch a Sable a few days back? Quickly, take me to see it.”

“Sable?” Qin Kaiyi asked and blanked for a second. The words in his mouth almost got said out loud——Wasn’t the Sable Shen Feixiao’s pet? Of course, after he swallowed those words, Qin Kaiyi quickly remembered……The Sable that opened Shen Feixiao’s golden finger in the novel was still his pet!

“……En” Qin Kaiyi slightly frowned: “Let’s go.”

Then he took the bouncing and jumping Liu LingEr away. He turned his head to take another look at the still silent Shen Feixiao before going out the door. Qin Kaiyi didn’t know why, but an uncomfortable feeling rose in his heart……It was like watching his own child being bullied.

Okay, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but admit. Although he unlucky transmigrated to be the villain, he still didn’t view Shen Feixiao as an enemy in his heart. He was the protagonist that he wrote. No matter what, there were some feelings. And……Qin Shi’s tragic ending did have some ‘reaping what you sow’ in it. If he didn’t bother Shen Feixiao, then he wouldn’t have fallen to such a desolate ending.


[1] Not necessarily super old although most of the time to cultivate to that point they are old. It’s more of a respect and title thing since Chinese believe in the respect of the older generation especially things like filial piety and such. This is why sometimes when people are being arrogant or saying they are better than you, they will say “I am your grandfather!” or something along those lines. Just thought that might be nice to know especially if you decide to MTL to read it faster, and you encounter something like “I am your father/grandfather” you can know it is not some weird plot twist.

[2] In case you are new to this genre or never got a chance to understand this concept, outer disciples have the lowest standing in the sect. They are basically on their own and most of the time, don’t have masters. They get some supplies and manuals from the sect, but otherwise, they are on their own. The inner disciples are more talented normally and get more supplies from the sect and also are normally apprenticed to a master who’s an elder, peak lord/master, or the sect head of the sect. They still don’t see the master a lot unless they are the senior brother of that master (The first disciple) or a direct disciple. This is also why Liu LingEr mentioned raising and leading a younger disciple since the master also has to cultivate and most of the times only have time to teach a few disciples who teach the others.

[3] The squares were in the raws. The future squares are also in the raws unless mentioned otherwise. Most of the times they are either for censored words or the author wants you to guess or fill it in yourself.

[4] This is onomatopoeia for a sound made in agreement.

[5] Unbelievably cliche.

[6] Not literal. There are no guns in the cultivation world. I think. It just means he was completely unrelated or didn’t do anything but still got blamed or harmed.

I also made a table for the shimei, shidi, and etc.

Shi Fu Master
Shixiong A way of addressing a male older than you or a male that became apprenticed to the master earlier than you.
Shidi A way of addressing a male younger than you or a male that became apprenticed to the master later than you.
Shijie A way of addressing a female older than you or a female that became apprenticed to the master earlier than you.
Shimei A way of addressing a female younger than you or a female that became apprenticed to the master later than you.

Tn: I changed the warning if you read this before so it’s less long. Yandere ahead! Towards the later chapters, there will be some extreme yandere, as well as, consent issues.

I think Qin Kaiyi is very salty not about the transmigration but about becoming the villain. He keeps mentioning it.

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