ASV Chapter 3

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!


Liu LingEr suddenly became very interested in the sable captured by Qin Kaiyi.

She hugged the still young sable in her arms and looked at Qin Kaiyi with a gaze that was filled with longing. In a spoiled tone, she asked: “Shixiong, can you give it to me? It’s so cute~”

Qin Kaiyi, who saw Liu LingEr’s expression, was just about to say something when a familiar but annoying sound interrupted.【System prompt: Mission issued —— Within three days, please transfer the sable into Shen Feixiao’s hands. Within three days, please transfer the sable into Shen Feixiao’s hands. Reward prompt: 0.5%】……Hearing the voice of this system that was full of pits, a flash of darkness passed in front of Qin Kaiyi’s eyes. F*ck you, and what was that  0.5% reward thing?

Also, it didn’t get the things wrong, right? This system wanted to go against the heavens ah. It actually wanted him to personally hand the golden finger to Shen Feixiao. Isn’t this paving the way for his future ending?!! For a while, Qin Kaiyi’s expression was ugly to the point of breaking. Even the Liu LingEr who had a smile like flowers became unsightly in his eyes.

“What’s the matter shixiong?” Seeing that Qin Kaiyi’s expression wasn’t right, Liu LingEr asked with uncertainty.

“I can’t give you this sable.” Qin Kaiyi felt his mood was abnormally irritable: “LingEr, right now you are only in the middle stage of Qi Refining. I’m afraid that you can’t raise the sable.”

“But……” She was clear on her own ability, but Liu LingEr was still a little unwilling: “In the future, I will become strong.”

“Then we’ll talk about it in the future.” Without the patience to spoil this little shimei, Qin Kaiyi directly said a phrase used to drive out guests: “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. Help yourself.”

“Shixiong……” Having never been subjected to this kind of cold treatment, Liu LingEr’s eyes reddened: “How could you treat me like this? You’re too much.” Once she finished talking, she ran out crying.

……One after another, why were they all this annoying? He collapsed onto the bed, holding his head. With his eyes open, Qin Kaiyi gazed at the beam in the ceiling of the house and started to think of tactics that could be used to counter. Since a while ago, he had started to feel that something was not right. Now that he was carefully thinking about it, there really was something strange.

If the system existed to make sure that he didn’t change the plot, then when he didn’t object to Liu LingEr’s proposition to take Shen Feixiao in, he should’ve heard the system’s reminder. However, the reality was that he didn’t hear any reminder. Instead, when walking the sable plot, a reminder appeared once more……this……

In his mind, there was a flash of epiphany, and Qin Kaiyi finally caught onto the vague clue —— Could it be that what the system wanted was only the result but not the process?? So as long as the things Shen Feixiao received were the same as in the novel, then it would meet the system’s requirements? As for how it was gotten and who he received it from, the system wouldn’t make any excessive restrictions for it?

Once he thought like that, Qin Kaiyi felt that he had grabbed onto a chance at life. In the original book, the sable he caught had ran out and was unintentionally picked up by Shen Feixiao. This was how Shen Feixiao had opened his golden finger path. Who would’ve thought that a sable that was picked up unintentionally in the mountains, would be an ancient godly beast? Damn……this probability was like finding a lottery ticket by the roadside and winning ten million dollars. Other than Shen Feixiao, who was covered by the protagonist’s halo, who could have such good luck?

Qin Kaiyi had cast his gaze towards the pitiful look of the sable that was locked in the cage. Other than a bitter smile, he didn’t know what kind of expression to make. He also didn’t know what kind of punishment he would undergo for going against the system. Qin Kaiyi tapped his fingers on the footboard. However, the most important thing to consider right now was……how to give this sable to Shen Feixiao.

He naturally couldn’t directly hand it over. Without mentioning whether Shen Feixiao would accept it or not, if it was seen by Liu LingEr, there would definitely be another hurricane with blood rain[1]. H*ll knew if this was known by his shimei, the just-opened golden finger would be chopped up. Additionally, what if the system became a little something, like ‘saying one thing while meaning another’ and decided to give him a little punishment. He definitely wouldn’t even be able to cry.

“What to do?” He muttered. Qin Kaiyi suddenly had a plan. —— Wouldn’t it be fine to just let Shen Feixiao pick it up once more? After all, wasn’t that what was written in the novel? If he followed this method, it wasn’t likely that some incident would abruptly happen.

The system required him to send it to Shen Feixiao within three days. It was not good to procrastinate. Qin Kaiyi carried the cage with the sable and walked out the door.

The sable in his hands that was locked in the cage was captured by Qin Kaiyi unintentionally in the mountain. Sable, this kind of pets, weren’t considered too valuable. Furthermore, it wasn’t even an adult. Other than giving it to women as gifts, there really weren’t any other major uses. Because of this, when Qin Kaiyi lost the sable, he wasn’t too anxious. He would’ve never guessed that something that he didn’t care about, once it was picked up by Shen Feixiao would later become a big help for Shen Feixiao’s cultivating path. This was the difference between the cannon fodder and the protagonist. He walked while shaking his head in his heart. Qin Kaiyi let out an incomparable sigh. A sable in the hands of cannon fodder was only a pet while in the hands of the protagonist it became a godly beast. This was really ‘what kind of person, what kind of life’.

Shen Feixiao’s residence was very old and poor. It was not a so sturdily built thatched house. Behind the house was an acre of medical herb field. To the right was a small creak.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t get close to it. He pondered and took the sable out from the cage.

Actually, this sable was pretty cute. Because it hadn’t grown up, it looked similar to a small cat. It was just that the fur was a lot smoother and supple than a cat’s. There was also that purple grape like eyes. It was moist and wet, making the people who looked at it, want to kiss it a few times.

However, Qin Kaiyi wasn’t a girl. His resistance to these kinds of small cute animals was pretty high. He chose the right incantation in his head and placed a small incantation on the sable in his hands.

“Be good. Go on.” He put the sable onto the floor. Qin Kaiyi watched it being controlled by the incantation to run towards Shen Feixiao’s house.

“Bang.” Sitting on the bed, Shen Feixiao suddenly heard a knocking sound. He set down the book in his hands and slowly pushed open the door: “Who is it?”

Naturally, no one answered him. Shen Feixiao doubtfully lowered his hand and saw a purple sable that appeared very pitiful.

“……This is?” He pulled the little thing into his arms. Shen Feixiao inspected the surrounding and didn’t find anyone.

“Did you run out by yourself?” Shen Feixiao scratched under the chin of the sable. Looking at its eyes that were squinted in comfort, he said: “Will you still run away?”

“Zhi zhi.” It called out lightly. The small sable cocked it’s head and looked at Shen Feixiao. It obviously didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Accompany me, okay?” Shen Feixiao’s big black eyes revealed a very hard to describe loneliness: “Being alone is quite boring.”

“Zhi.” Licking Shen Feixiao’s finger, the small sable felt that it rather liked the smell on the body of the person, who was holding it ……The smell felt very familiar. It was just that, it currently couldn’t remember when it had smelled it before.

“Really obedient.” He kissed the sable’s forehead. It was only now that Shen Feixiao acted like a kid: “I’ll call you eggplant, okay? You’re both purple.”

“……” It seemed like it didn’t mind being called such a 囧 name. The sable found a comfortable place in Shen Feixiao’s arms and quietly fell asleep.

Shen Feixiao looked outside. It was uncertain what he was thinking from his pitch-black eyes.

Qin Kaiyi felt distressed looking at Shen Feixiao. He stood not far from Shen Feixiao. He threw a stealth incantation onto his body and watched Shen Feixiao carry the sable away. He was clearly around eleven or twelve years old, which was a time of being lively. The youth in front of his eyes, however, showed an abnormally heavy air of death. That was right. Qin Kaiyi gave himself a smile full of ridicule. When he was young, from his family, he had only received abuse. It wasn’t even possible that a normal person could still be lively……To be honest, when he was writing this, it was still okay. Now that he actually saw it……His heart felt extraordinarily uncomfortable.

Once he remembered the difficulties Shen Feixiao would encounter later, he let out a sigh. But just as he was being sentimental, Qin Kaiyi suddenly heard a voice that he didn’t know what to say to:【System reminder: Plot completion value 0.5%. Return value short of 99.5%. Please continue to work hard.】—— Return value?? The meaning of return value may be that he could still go back??? The sudden surprise rendered him a little overwhelmed. Qin Kaiyi simply wanted to yell towards the sky —— holy sh*t. He just knew that the system definitely had a special use. He did not expect that it was actually his path to go back!!!

But like this, Qin Kaiyi could finally consider that the burden in his heart was completely put down. Wasn’t it just being the villain who would eventually be eliminated by the protagonist? What did this count as? Right now, the sooner that he was eliminated by the Shen Feixiao, the faster he could go home ~oh yeah~ Us commoners really feel happy today. Comrade Shen Feixiao, don’t carelessly grow up. The peace of the world needs you to rescue it!!

The big stone in his heart had finally hit the ground. Qin Kaiyi felt that the sky became even sunnier. He hummed a little song while walking back. In his mind, he recalled the following plot —— The Shen Feixiao that received the sable would be led by it to find a secret cultivation manual, and then Qin Shi would viciously beat Shen Feixiao up. When Liu LingEr was talking care of Shen Feixiao, she discovered Shen Feixiao’s uniqueness. Since then, you couldn’t even touch a hair……oh? Wait.

He felt that something was not quite right. The smile that was just on his face instantly froze. The corner of Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched……He didn’t get it wrong, right? He would really have to beat Shen Feixiao up?? Aiyo[2], f*ck. How could he bear to hit?!

Qin Kaiyi was still tangled when he once again heard the voice that was filled with ten thousand evils:【System reminder: Within three days, please beat Shen Feixiao into heavy injuries. Within three days, please beat Shen Feixiao into heavy injuries. Otherwise, 5% progress will be deducted. Otherwise, 5% progress will be deducted.】……Oi. Bro. I just earned 0.5%, and you want to deduct 5%. What the h*ll are you playing at?!

The Qin Kaiyi that heard this had a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat that he had almost spit out.


All repeats were in the original since the system liked to repeat things for emphasizes and reasons like making sure one remembers like in broadcasting.

[1] It is an idiom for crazy or dangerous atmosphere or circumstances.

[2] It’s a sound effect. It’s like saying ouch or oh my but different. Just sound it out: Ai – Yo.

Tn: How do you feel about the site changes? I messed with it a little on the 30th of January. If you were using the site at that time and saw weird changes when you refreshed the page, it was me messing around. Sorry~ ;P

I’m having a lot of fun finding English swears which are equivalents of Chinese swears.

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