Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 42

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

On the first day, Wen Jing swung a total of twenty times. In the beginning, he just fell and got back up. Later, he started to gradually not be able to use his Qi. The sword got heavier and heavier. He had to rest for a long time after he managed a single swing.

During the day, it was an unspeakable agony. During the night, his waist was sore and his back hurt. Wen Jing laid in his blankets repeating a mnemonic rhyme that Duan Xuan taught him. With extreme concentration, he slowly moved his Qi to flow throughout his body, mumbling to himself, and didn’t sleep for the entire night.

On the second day, while he was swinging the sword, Wen Jing took a deep breath and used that mnemonic rhyme again to circulate Qi. Then with a thrust, he swung his sword out, shocking and frightening two butterflies that were passing by. He actually only staggered. His butt didn’t hit the ground.

As such, Wen Jing gradually found the trick for it. Everyday, he would practice the sword as if possessed. By the time it was the fifth day, he had actually swung 162 times. He was progressing extremely fast.

On the sixth day, Duan Xuan came and asked how many times Wen Jing swung in total. Wen Jing’s heart beated frantically. He didn’t know if Duan Xuan had some way of even finding out how many times he swung so he didn’t dare to lie. He truthfully told him that he swung 372 times.

Duan Xuan frowned and was about to get mad, but in the end, he endured and asked: “Did you secretly laze around?”

Wen Jing: “No.”

“With your qualifications, you should be able to swing about 600 times.”

Wen Jing didn’t know how to answer. It was as if he returned to when he was in middle school and got a 60 on maths. His parents would angrily say: “With your IQ, you should be able to get a 90!”

As such, Wen Jing insisted: “Shifu, I didn’t laze around at all!”

For a second, Duan Xuan seemed to choke. He angrily replied: “Is that how you talk to your shifu?”

Wen Jing wanted to cry but had no tears. There really was a feeling of deja vu as if he had returned back to his middle school days. No matter what you said, it was always wrong. It was better to not say anything……

Thus, Wen Jing lowered his head and put on an appearance of repenting.

Duan Xuan: “Starting from today, swing 200 times a day.”

“Yes.” Wen Jing cautiously asked: “When will shifu teach me sword techniques?”

“Once you’ve swung about 50,000 times.”

“……Understood.” Because of the number, his heart slightly stopped for a moment.

Although swinging the sword was dull, Wen Jing found out that when he swung the sword, the circulation of his Qi had a subtle difference. He carefully savored the feeling. Day and night, even when he was sleeping or eating, he was completely out of it. In a blur, gradually whenever he lifted the sword, his Qi would immediately surge. There wasn’t even a single stagnation or delay. Everything was in perfect harmony.

Wen Jing loved that feeling of his Qi being in harmony and seemed to have forgotten the time.

Hence, when a familiar elegant figure appeared in front of him while he was swinging the sword, Wen Jing blanked.

He put down the sword that was in his hands: “Jun shixiong, have you finished treating those people?”

Jun YanZhi: “……En. Just finished it tonight.”

Jun YanZhi had the image of a modest gentleman. Naturally, he wouldn’t throw a tantrum over Wen Jing forgetting about him. Not to mention that he was doing important things. Jun YanZhi pressed down the huge feeling of being wronged in his heart, turning his head to gaze into the distance. His voice was hoarse: “Were you really busy these past few days?”

“Yeah. Shifu taught me how to swing the sword.” And then he went on to tell him about Duan Xuan’s teachings.

Jun YanZhi slowly nodded and smiled: “Being taught about the sword before reaching the Foundation Building stage, I believe shifu wants to cultivate you.”

“Why does it have to be after you enter Foundation Building stage?”

“Not enough Qi. It could actually harm the body. Probably because you have the Three Yang physique, your qualifications aren’t average. Thus, shifu taught you about the sword a little earlier.” Jun YanZhi lightly coughed. His face was as white as a sheet, and his body was slightly shaking.

Wen Jing quickly went to support him: “What’s wrong?”

“Continuous days of work without rest……” Jun YanZhi lightly leaned onto Wen Jing.

The warm breath that landed on his neck gave Wen Jing a tingle. A thin layer of sweat appeared on his body. He felt somewhat uncomfortable and deliberately pulled away a little. His voice was a little tense: “Shixiong, take a rest on my bed.”

Jun YanZhi’s face faintly reddened. Without making a single sound, he let Wen Jing pull him into the room.

At the same time as he landed on the bed, he said in a small voice: “It truly was difficult these past few days……”

“I know. I was there for the first few days.” Wen Jing also sat at the edge of the bed. Looking at the Jun YanZhi that was seizing this opportunity to move over into his arms, Wen Jing didn’t know where to put his hands. His palms started to sweat. He hesitated for a while before putting them onto Jun YanZhi’s shoulder. However, it felt hot enough to burn people.

“Why aren’t you talking to me?” Jun YanZhi lightly circled his arms around his waist. It was very thin. Just one arm was enough to circle it. He talked into the area between Wen Jing’s neck and shoulder. His breaths landed on Wen Jing’s neck, instantly arousing an unknown fire in Wen Jing’s body. His blood was burning his skin. It even burned his brain into a daze.

“I, I was always watching you.” Wen Jing softly said, slightly shifting his body.

He also didn’t know why he only wanted to watch from afar and didn’t dare to get close.

Maybe that kind of feeling was called inferiority.

Jun YanZhi glanced up at him from below, acting spoiled with a soft voice: “Shidi, my body is cold. There’s not enough spiritual energy……”

His lips were ahead. Wen Jing completely couldn’t make sense of what Jun YanZhi was saying. He only felt that those lips were just about to touch, but there was always that inch of space in between. Those warm breaths sprayed onto his own lips.

Wen Jing gazed at those thin lips. His brain became a ball of mesh.

“Shidi, transfer Qi to me……” Jun YanZhi’s voice was low, carrying a bit of hoarseness and dryness. That voice penetrated into Wen Jing’s mind, extremely tempting, frying the remaining reason he had left.

He hadn’t finished talking when Wen Jing pounced on Jun YanZhi’s body like a little leopard, biting onto Jun YanZhi’s lips.

“Shixiong, shixiong……” Wen Jing nibbled and gnawed. His voice was anxious and hurried with a sliver of fear. He completely didn’t know what he himself had wanted. He knew he was doing something that he shouldn’t, but he didn’t know how to stop.

Jun YanZhi circled his body in his arms, gently rubbing his lips open.

The tips of their tongues met in the middle of their mouths. Wen Jing sucked as if he were drunk. He didn’t dare to kiss too deeply. His tongue did not dare to venture deep, instead, it intertwined with Jun YanZhi’s.

“Shidi, you’re seventeen this year……” The moment their lips separated, Jun YanZhi breathed.

Wen Jing didn’t hear it clearly. In his mind, he was constantly cursing, “Pervert! Don’t touch shixiong!” However, his hand cautiously slipped into Jun YanZhi’s clothing. He found that there was no resistance. He couldn’t help but feel his graceful collarbone. Then more sinfully, he moved towards his shoulder.

Why wasn’t shixiong stopping him? Who was going to come and stop him?!


(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) There goes the sound of our Wen Jing falling…… falling……

I felt so happy translating this chapter that I had to finish even though it’s midterms week. 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。 I feel no regrets. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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52 thoughts on “Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 42

  1. Thank you so much for the chapter. Good luck with midterms. I’ve got a bunch of deadlines as well. this chapter is such a good study break.

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  2. Ahh. Sooo good. I love how ml is so shameless. Also, go WJ. Working hard on the sword and getting a bit aggressive with your Shixiong 😏😏😏♥️♥️♥️

    Thanks for the great translation 😁♥️

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  3. Mmh~ what a tasty late night snack >3
    Thank you so much!
    WJ.. good luck with whatever will happen after that hahahaha..

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  4. Yeah, I did not expect Wen Jing to end up making a move (although he, uh, got seduced into it…?). That’s kind of a nice change of pace.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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      • Hahaha I also considered the possibility, but if the reviews I read from NU are to be trusted, WY is the shou, both making quite an inconventional couple for a danmei, which I personally find quite refreshing, since it’s so rare to see the shou take the lead.

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    • I’m pretty sure Wen Jing is being influenced by Jun YanZhi which makes me have mixed feelings. Same with every scene that JYZ had a little fondle of WJ when he wasn’t conscious. I’d like our little WJ to be completely in control of his actions because if not I’ll feel like this is slightly non-con 🤔
      However, the story and characters are brilliant so I’ll keep reading and keep my fingers crossed that WJ will eventually be in control and give his 100% unmanipulated consent 😁

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    • Yeah. Me neither. It seems that someone always interrupts. It’s amazing how they got so far with no one showing up, but I’ve always wanted Duan Xuan to walk in on them once to see his reaction. O(≧∇≦)O

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  5. I’m so happy for JY! T-T ML waited so long and finally MC made the move! All that work and patience paid off! T-T. As a side note, I do so find it adorable when a character acts spoiled with their lover and no one else.

    It didn’t even occur to me that JY used his manipulation-ability on him, since he had that chance when they were younger and didn’t take it… Still doubt he did, but I guess it’ll be revealed later on in the chapters? Thanks so much for translating! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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  7. …no regrets indeed…

    **Flashback to those days in high school, reading novels instead of studying while everyone was like ‘Omg how do you do this again the integral doesn’t make sense orz’**

    How did I graduate from High School…

    Thanks for the chapter! Our cute Lil MC falling into ML’s love trap :3:3:3

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  8. Wen Jing didn’t know how to answer. It was as if he returned to when he was in middle school and got a 60 on maths. His parents would angrily say: “With your IQ, you should be able to get a 90!”


    😂😂I feel you, Baby. When I got around 60 in maths when I was high school, I also have been said by my maths teacher angrily You Should Get around 90. So exact.🤣🤣

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  9. Im not sure if this is because of Jun’s influence (like what he did in the first night to make Wen Jing confessed) or not, unfortunately cuz of that confusion I couldn’t celebrate minding Wen didn’t do it out of his will and then it got little uncomfortable.

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    • On a second thought, screw that. I just realized it may bc of excessive adoration Wen unawarely lost himself in emotions that it became that. Tho ofc it’s probably because of the effects of Jun’s “grooming” too.

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  10. I’m pretty sure our ML Jun is controlling Mc body or using demon enchantment skill to move their relationship further and make Wen Jing realize some feelings. Mr Jun’s moral value is -1000 so no surprise there. Lol It lines with his black and immoral character. Hehehe. Dense fanboy Wen Jing not realizing something is wrong. Cough 🤭


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