LCU 3.1

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Ji Xiuyun didn’t understand what the soft, small, and harmless animal in his hand was thinking. His strength had mostly recovered, and he could finally stand up.

Remembering how the snow white little animal in front of him seemed to like cleanliness, he carefully put down the small animal, who seemed to have gone stupid, onto the only clean spot on the bed.

It could still be tentatively considered a bed, right?

Ji Xiuyun indifferently swept his gaze over the huge span of blood soaked into the bed, containing a conglomerate of what seemed to be broken bits of internal organs and skin. With a turn, he walked to the oval-shaped egg, the unopened side. He raised his hand and touched a certain area.

Yue An’s ears shook. He had finally come out of shock since being molested by that rogue of a human. Seeing the white protective shell surrounding him slowly closing, he quickly turned over and crawled up, jumping down from the bed.

He found a relatively clean place to stand, his eyes staring at the white eggshell as it expanded and changed shape with a quiet mechanical sound. In a short ten seconds, it became a house——to be precise, it should be one room.

Yue An curiously circled this house that was suddenly erected on this scorched earth, in amazement. Reaching out his pink, tender, and soft paw pads to investigate, he pawed at the wall and found that it wasn’t thick.

But no matter how one looked at it, this had already surpassed Earth’s technology by at least a few decades. Yue An strolled around the corner and then stopped at what looked like the door.

The technology on Earth had already progressed to this point ah!

Yue An thought about those cats in the clan who didn’t like to find litter cleaning officials; instead, they liked to change into human form and were addicted to gaming. If he could go back and find them, he could definitely harvest many new game recommendation of all kinds.

A few decades had passed. Yue An slightly missed that bunch of cats in the clan who would occasionally gather to curse at their litter cleaning officials and humans with their plethora of various diverse wishes.

Since the new litter cleaning official could come to this place——although he looked like he had fallen into dark times, it should be fine. Since he could come here, he definitely had a way back.

Humans were always surprisingly smart.

He could go back and say hi to those in the clan or complain about the unfairness of the world.

Thinking about that, his mood improved quite a bit, and his tail started to swing.

After Ji Xiuyun activated the safety mode, he entered the room to find that the white ball, which should have been on the bed, had disappeared.

Mr. Marshal’s steps paused for a second. A few thin lines appeared in between his eyebrows.

However, in the end, he still didn’t make any excessive movements. Instead, he took out some clothing from the cabinet in the room and changed into them, then he took out a small bottle. Inside the bottle was a transparent patch. Taking out the transparent patch, the size of a fingernail, and spraying the fluid in the bottle onto the patch, he stuck it under his nose and took a deep breath.

This was a little tool that everyone in the interstellar alliance knew how to use, portable oxygen patch. It was soft, flexible, colorless, breathable, and skin friendly. Once it was sprayed with the special fluid and placed under the nose, it was indistinguishable from the skin. One patch could last three hours in an oxygenless environment.

It was very obvious that this planet was not habitable for humans.

The oxygen levels were low, and the air was dry. Gravity was also higher than normal habitable planets. Earlier, while he was walking, it felt like exercising in a gravitational room.

Ji Xiuyun’s physique was excellent. Earlier, he had regulated his breathing until his body recovered. But now, he needed to replenish his oxygen levels.

Mr. Marshal’s movements were very orderly and methodical and seemed to be extremely calm.

He sat on the ground, as he raised a hand to tap the wall. Numbers appeared on the wall and he entered a string of numbers at lightning speed. A projection was cast out into the air in front of him.

That was the video recorded by the defense system after Ji Xiuyun chose to enter this safety cabin.

The purpose of the video recording mechanism was to record people’s faces and evidence, preventing the person, an escapee or a captive, from sustaining injuries from the enemy, easily breaking down the door and entering unauthorized. At the same time, it could also be used as evidence in the universal court after the person had successfully returned and escaped danger.

Ji Xiuyun encountered a sneak attack during one of his routine patrols of the galaxy coalition’s territory.

The patrols of the coalition happened once every five years, lasting for a year every time. The two marshals of Hintas Empire set out together, one for the southeast and the other for the northwest.

Ji Xiuyun was the one responsible for the southeast.

The people who ambushed him were part of a bandit organization that was notorious throughout the universe. However, when Mr. Marshal saw the video of his own ship and mech being destroyed, there wasn’t a sliver of fluctuation in his eyes.

——He was ambushed when he was alone.

As a marshal of the Hintas Empire, normally, there would be guards by Ji Xiuyun’s side. The times when he was alone were so little that it was pitiful.

Yet it was at these times that were so little that it was pitiful, he was ambushed.

Evidently, there was a spy within the marshal’s guards.

But Ji Xiuyun seemed to completely not care about the fact that there was a spy in his guards, or that he was ambushed by the universe’s bandits. Instead, it was after the safety cabin had quietly left the range of the enemy forces that he started to focus.

He needed to determine his coordinates.

As for that spy, the marshal didn’t care much about it because he trusted that his men would be able to quickly pull out that person.

He was extremely lucky. The safety cabin wasn’t flung out too far away by the gravitational and anti-gravitational forces of the universe. The planet, which he had landed on, was at the edge of the territory owned by the galaxy coalition. Using the few iconic planets recorded in the video, Mr. Marsal generally determined his coordinates.

After he finished watching the video, he once again sat on the floor and quietly breathed in oxygen for awhile until the increase in his bpm had calmed down, before standing up.

Ji Xiuyun with efficient movements lifted the mattress, soaked in blood, and ripped off the mattress cover. From the mattress that was reeking with the smell of blood, he felt around for a transparent, hard card about the size of half a hand, covered with traces of blood.

Mr. Marshal, because of the traces of blood on the card, slightly faltered.

Although this invisible card was waterproof, when the blood clotted and dried, it left an uneven surface with 凹 and 凸.

If he wanted to use it, he would have to wash it clean first.

Ji Xiuyun recalled the backup freshwater resources in the safety cabin for a second but still thought that he probably needed to go out and find a freshwater source.

From a small bag that was hanging off the wall, he pulled out a small bottle of fluid. Holding the trashed mattress and tattered clothes, he turned and walked towards the door.

Yue An had just prepared to raise his paws to knock. His paws hadn’t landed yet when the door opened.

He raised his head and glanced towards the human, who was holding a thin mattress and dirty clothes, and seemed to be planning to throw them out and softly “meowed” once.

Mr. Marshal, who thought that this little guy had already ran off, halted in his steps.

“Meow.” Yue An called out again.

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