LCU 3.2

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He looked at the human being. Despite wearing a t-shirt, the lines of his muscles could still be clearly seen through the shirt. He felt that the other’s neat and tidy look was a lot more pleasing to the eyes.

He circled past Mr. Marshal’s leg that was covered with long black pants. He didn’t plan to consider himself an outsider cat. Walking with great swagger, he entered the product of black technology[1].

Who would have the heart to reject a cute, little cat?

At least, Mr. Marshal didn’t reject.

It wasn’t that Ji Xiuyun wasn’t alert or on guard. It was just that this little living organism was visibly friendly to people. When it approached him, it even purposely sheathed its sharp teeth and claws, leaving only a soft meat pad.

Races with wisdom were also considered a type of animal. Towards goodwill and malice, humans also had instinctive judgment. Except, wisdom and intellect would obstruct them from following their instincts and make them restrain their desires, binding themselves with morals.

Mr. Marshal, who was engaged in fierce battles year in and year out, developed much sharper instincts than normal people.

With animals that had simple thought processes and a clear cut distinction between good and evil, it was enough to simply follow instincts.

This little guy was pretty friendly and might have saved his life.

Ji Xiuyun watched the curious little animal that strolled around the safety cabin and would pat here and touch there from time to time. Throwing out the mattress and tattered clothes that he held, he opened the cap of the liquid in his hand and poured the whole bottle over it.

Yue An heard the movement. Sitting in the room, he turned his head towards the door.

The clothes and mattress, covered with blood, gradually became steam and evaporated under his gaze, disappearing completely.

Black technology again!

Yue An’s cat eyes became round as he stared. He saw Ji Xiuyun return into the house and cap the bottle in his hand before he placed it back in the little bag on the wall.

Right after, he once again pulled open a drawer. Inside the drawer, it was filled completely with dozens of organized rows of light blue liquid in something that looked like test tubes. Ji Xiuyun took out a tube, opened it, and drank a mouthful.

Curiosity and gluttony were a cat’s nature, especially when they saw humans eat stuff in front of them.

Yue An couldn’t help but walk next to the human. Straightening out his body, he stretched out his two front paws onto the other’s calves. He stretched out his neck and meow meowed to get Mr. Marshal’s attention.

Ji Xiuyun lowered his head and looked at the little guy who was clinging to himself. He followed the other’s gaze to the nutritional agent in his hand.

“Want to eat?”


Mr. Marshal took that call, which was filled with an extremely high amount of sweetness, as a yes.

But to be honest, the taste of nutritional agent wasn’t great.

He placed a bit of it on his finger and placed it in front of Yue An.


Yue Ana thought, but he still stretched out his head to smell it. A light fruity fragrance hovered around his nose.

The little cat stuck out his pink and tender little tongue, carefully licking the drop of nutritional agent on the human’s hand. A second later, he jumped far away. One word was written in huge font on the cat’s face: disgust.

Mr. Marshal watched the little guy who had clearly wanted to eat it himself but was now was extremely disgusted. He didn’t know what kind of frame of mind he was in as he explained: “We normally don’t eat this.”

Yue An raised his head to look at him and meowed.

Who knew if he believed it or not.

Ji Xiuyun, level zero at cat language, looked at the fairly distasteful liquid in his hands before he drank the rest in one breath.

The space in the safety cabin was very precious. Having fresh food was impossible, and although the nutritional agent took up some space, the number of calories and nutrition contained within it could support an adult person for two days. If the amount of activity wasn’t large, it could even support for four days.

Before he went out to find a water source, Ji Xiuyun needed to replenish the energy of the safety cabin.

Yue An sat to the side as he watched Ji Xiuyun walk to the edge of a wall and pressed his two hands onto the surface of the wall. A ray of light swept over his body followed by a seam that cracked open on the wall. A drawer, identical to the one that contained the nutritional agent, was pushed out. Except, what was placed to the brim in an organized manner was not nutritional agent.

Yue An instantly straightened his ears. His pair of azure-colored eyes stared tightly at the piece of thin, crystal-like ore that Ji Xiuyun picked up. With a kick of his hind legs, he rushed towards the ore in Ji Xiuyun’s hands!

Ji Xiuyun’s eyes sharpened. After perceiving Yue An’s target, he rapidly closed the drawer with a push. He spun around and retreated into a corner, avoiding the little organism that suddenly sneak-attacked him.

As soon as Yue An came up empty and saw that the drawer was closed, he stretched out his paw and patted many times but didn’t see it open. Feeling anxious, he started to call out meow meow as he ran towards Ji Xiuyun’s feet nonstop, circling around him.

He definitely didn’t see wrong. What Ji Xiuyun had in his hand, wasn’t it what those old ancestors in the tribe used as offerings back in those years? They would rather accept their own power constantly decreasing to the point where they couldn’t take on a human appearance than take a bite of it. The spirit stone!

This person actually had a drawer of it!!

An entire drawer of it!!!

After he ate this drawer of spirit stones, he could take on a human appearance and go out unrestrained like those great ancestors who had amassed a few hundred to a thousand years of spiritual energy!

He might even be unrestrained for a year or two!

At that moment, Yue An found that he seemed to have hugged an unparalleled, thick golden thigh.

Ji Xiuyun noticed that this little organism was interested in the energy crystal in his hand. He shook the stone in his hand.

“You want it?”

Mr. Marshal’s voice was always cold like ten-thousand-year-old ice. His expression was also very hard and cold. Even his gaze carried coldness.

Since young, Ji Xiuyun touched, rolled, fought, and crawled on the battlefield as he grew up. The title of marshal was piled up purely with military achievements bit by bit. Even if he used all his efforts to become gentle, it would still seem cold and frigid.

Murderous and bloody smells couldn’t be covered. Although Marshal Ji was the dream lover of tens of billions of girls, at the same time, he was the killing god whom kids didn’t like. Even animals stayed three feet away and walked around him.

This furry little guy was willing to be close to him. That was already way out of Ji Xiuyun’s expectations.

Yue An stared at the crystal in Ji Xiuyun’s hands without blinking. When he heard his questions, he answered back in a hurry: “Meow!”

Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes to look at him, seeming to be thinking about something, without talking.

Yue An saw Ji Xiuyun’s cold expression and was so angry that he stretched out his claws to scratch him.

This daddy spent a tail to save you!

You aren’t even willing to give me a single piece of spirit stone!

You have an entire cabinet!

Yet you won’t even give me one!

Yue An was dying of anger.

He bitterly watched that piece of spirit stone then turned his head to see the region of the wall where the cabinet was. In his heart, he was balancing the pros and cons of getting a cabinet of spirit stones right now and the possibility of getting even more spirit stones in the future.

This new feeder seemed to have a lot of money and didn’t lack spirit stones in the least.

If he left with him, would he have many, many spirit stones to eat?

If he ate a lot of spirit stones, he could become like those great demons in the legends. With a wave of his paws, the color of the sky would change. Moving mountains and overturning seas would just take movement from a single finger.

Just thinking about it felt very cool!

Yue An felt his heart beating. As he raised his head to look towards that piece of spirit stone, his gaze was even hotter by a few degrees.

Ji Xiuyun deliberated for a long time before he opened his mouth: “Use that water producing talent again.”

You won’t even give me a piece of spirit stone!

And you even want me to use water spells!

Does spiritual energy not cost money?!

Yue An glared at Ji Xiuyun. He wanted to simply turn around and face his butt towards him into protest.

Ji Xiuyun vaguely understood a bit and added: “If you use it, this piece of energy crystal is yours.”

His words haven’t even ended when Yue An very quickly waved his paw, condensing a few thin streams of water from the incomparably dry air.

Ji Xiuyun observed. It was a bit thinner than what he had seen before.

He first cleaned the blood on the invisible card with those few streams of water before he lowered his head to look towards the extremely impatient Yue An who was scratching his pant leg.

Ji Xiuyun said: “You can understand my words.”

Yue An impatiently replied: “Meow!”

“It was you who saved me.” Ji Xiuyun continued.

“Meow!” Yes, yes, yes!

How come you, a big man, dawdled more than a little girl.

Yue An stared at the spirit stone. He was so anxious that he wanted to bite people.

Ji Xiuyun watched this little cutie for a bit before he stooped down and placed the energy crystal by his feet.

“Thank you for saving me.” Mr. Marshal finished the sentence and introduced himself, “I am Ji Xiuyun. What about you?”

The white cat, that was rapidly hugging the spirit stone close to his chest, heard his question, slightly paused, then looked towards the Ji Xiuyun who still had a cold and rigid appearance.

He hesitated for a long time while hugging the spirit stone in his arms tightly. Finally, he answered the other.


I’m called Yue An

“I can’t understand your words.” Mr. Marshal said. He thought for a bit. “For the moment, let’s call you Xiao Bai[2].”

Yue An: ……

Yuen An: ???

Yue An felt that it was unbelievable.

Then what the hell were you asking for?!

The author has something to say:
Ji Xiuyun: I asked out of courtesy.
Yue An: Scram!

[1] Black technology is really advanced technology compared to the knowledge of the person calling it black technology to the point where it is more so than what they believe is physically possible. Basically, it’s just a term for something really advanced. If you want to know more in-depth about it, it actually does turn up in google is you search “black technology meaning.”

[2] Xiao Bai when translated literally is “little white” so Ji Xiuyun named Yue An based on his color like naming a black cat as blackie.

Extra bit: When spirit stone or energy crystal is mentioned in the story, it means the same thing. It’s just that the place where Ji Xiuyun lives has named that type of stone as energy crystals while Yue An is used to calling them spirit stones which is why the author used different words if you were confused.

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