ASV Chapter 7

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Translator: SilverNeko

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“Shixiong, you have promised.” Once she heard Qin Kaiyi’s promise, Liu LingEr was finally satisfied. With tears swirling in her eyes, she glared at Shen Feixiao.

Qin Kaiyi was bitterly crying in his heart. What Qing Xuzi hated the most were those with questionable characters. It was fine if your talent was a bit low, but if you did suspicious things, you would be directly expelled from the sect.

“LingEr, why don’t you go back first. I’ll thoroughly question him then come to find you.” Qin Kaiyi decided to urge Liu LingEr to go back before slowly explaining to Shen Feixiao.

“I won’t.” How could Liu LingEr be that easy to deal with? She pouted, acting spoiled: “Shixiong, I want to personally see you punish him~”

“Did you already finish the mental cultivation method given by shifu?” Qin Kaiyi did not hesitate to stab her sore spot: “At the end of next year, shifu will check. Don’t cry and beg me then.”

“Shixiong! You only know how to bully me.” Liu LingEr’s face whitened after hearing Qin Kaiyi’s words. She hesitated for a moment before giving Qin Kaiyi a harsh glare and walked away, swinging her small hips. That glare, from an angry teenage girl, unexpectedly tickled one’s heart.

However, Qin Kaiyi didn’t have the spare brain space to consider that. In the future, Liu LingEr was part of Shen Feixiao’s harem. If he touched her, who knew if his return value would be directly deducted into the negatives……

“Why are you still here? Are you still not going to follow LingEr?” Seeing that the passerby shidi in the background was still dazedly standing in front of him, Qin Kaiyi asked in a not very good tone of voice.

“Ah, oh, yes, shixiong.” Passerby shidi finally reacted, quickly running after Liu LingEr.

Seeing that those who should leave had all left, Qin Kaiyi finally moved his line of sight to the stunned Shen Feixiao standing in front of himself.

In actuality, Qin Kaiyi really wanted to roar at Shen Weixiao: What the f*ck were you being stubborn for? If it wasn’t for Qin Shi being replaced through transmigration, who knew how you were going to be bullied today. Just what was with this face full of hate? Did I owe you something? Did I??? Not only did I give you a secret method, I also helped you with girls. What were you trying to do with that face as if your mom and dad died??

Of course, the Qin Kaiyi at this time automatically blocked out the embarrassing fact that the chicken was given to Shen Feixiao by him……

“Shen Shidi.” Qin Kaiyi, who roared in his heart like a fire breathing dragon for a long time, finally felt that he had somewhat extinguished the raging fire inside. He pretended to look unfathomable: “Do you know your wrongs?”

“……I’m not wrong.” Shen Feixiao’s gaze toward Qin Kaiyi was very unfriendly. Well, that was normal. For a normal person, how could the feelings towards a shixiong that randomly beat them up be good?

Now, Qin Kaiyi was a bit curious as to what Shen Feixiao wanted to do: “Then tell me. Where did this chicken come from?”

“You believe what I’m eating is a chicken?” Shen Feixiao grasped the keywords from Qin Kaiyi’s mouth.

“What’s the use of me believing you? Liu LingEr needs to believe in order for it to be useful.” Qin Kaiyi helplessly said: “Stop playing with words and finding holes. Quickly tell me the truth. If LingEr really brings this thing to shifu, you can just wait to gather your stuff and roll back home.”

“……” Shen Feixiao obviously only had some reaction when the word home was mentioned. He lowered his head, clenching his fist as he became silent.

“I’ve got to say, Shen Feixiao. Just what do you want to do?” Because of Shen Feixiao’s bullied little wife expression, Qin Kaiyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He wanted to raise his hand to pat Shen Feixiao’s head but resisted the urge: “You said that you’re not wrong, but you won’t tell me where the chicken came from. How do you want me to explain it to LingEr?”

“I……” Shen Feixiao seemed to have made a decision, finally opening his mouth: “I……”

“En, I’m listening.” Believing that he was just about to give out the mysterious person, Qin Kaiyi secretly sighed inside.

“I can enter the mountain.” Shen Feixiao said through gritted teeth.

“What?” Qin Kaiyi who completely didn’t think that Shen Feixiao could say such a sentence, frowned deeply: “Do you know what you are saying?”

“……I can enter the mountain.” Shen Feixiao took a deep breath but did not abandon his words.

This naughty child! As soon as Qin Kaiyi heard Shen Feixiao’s reply, his heart gave a ba-thump. To hide his existence, he actually changed direction to reveal another secret.

Could a normal disciple with average talent who completely didn’t receive special treatment and teachings enter Qi Refining stage in just a short span of a month? Of course this was not possible. The only explanation would be that this disciple used a treasure or secret method which no one else had.

What was the most valuable thing in the cultivation world? Naturally, it was items that could quickly raise cultivation level. If the person standing here today was not him but someone else, then wouldn’t Shen Feixiao have pushed himself into an extremely dangerous situation?

“Do you know what you are saying?” He really wanted to say the above, but Qin Kaiyi resisted the urge. His current identity was Qin Shi. How could he directly tell Shen Feixiao his worries?

“I know.” Shen Feixiao seemed to not know what he did wrong. His head dropped, and he stared at his feet, not letting Qin Kaiyi see his expression.

“You know sh*t.” Qin Kaiyi sneered: “Entering Qi Refining stage in a month, do you think you are a genius? I’ll tell you something, it’s okay to lie, but don’t bluff too much.”

“I……” Shen Feixiao still wanted to continue.

“Shut up.” Qin Kaiyi harshly interrupted Shen Feixiao’s defense and directly said: “This month you’ll help out at the medicine house as punishment. Next time, no matter what, don’t do anything stupid.”

“……” Shen Feixiao glanced at Qin Kaiyi but didn’t speak.

“You can go back.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t know why, but he felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. He kept feeling that this had an undeniable connection with him giving Shen Feixiao chicken to eat. Could this be a warning given to him by the system? If he secretly helped Shen Feixiao, it would result in more calamities falling upon Shen Feixiao.

Seeing Shen Feixiao leave, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t stop thinking. He felt that he had overlooked something important, but he couldn’t think of it right now.

“Sigh, what’s the use of thinking so much right now……It’s better to catch a bird for Liu LingEr first.” Logic was of no use. Qin Kaiyi helplessly shook his head, recited an incantation and flew towards the back mountain.

The Spirit Mountain sect, surrounded on four sides by mountains, was in a place where dragons gathered together. Not only was the spiritual energy abundant, the environment was also one of the best of the best. However, because of the lack of people and human settlement in the forest around the area, there were many cases of wild beasts hurting people in the past. Although the people harmed were mostly some outer sect disciples without any strength, the sect head Qing Xuzi still set down an array especially to defend against the wild beasts. This array couldn’t be broken by an average person. Only those who had entered Qi Refining period could break through the array to enter the mountains.

As a middle stage Foundation Building disciple, the array was basically nonexistent to Qin Kaiyi. He was still thinking about the problem with Liu LingEr, so naturally, he wanted to quickly get it over with.

Directly flying into the forest, Qin Kaiyi carefully observed his surroundings. He wanted to find the type of wild bird that he gave to Liu LingEr, but the more he was anxious, the harder it was to reach his objective. He searched for an entire afternoon. Qin Kaiyi didn’t see a single living thing, not to mention a bird.

Right when he was planning to return, a sound that was suddenly emitted made his entire body stiffen.

It was a low and magnetic male voice. The male voice used a gentle tone to say: “Good lady, where did you put my sable?”

“……” Sable?  Hearing this keyword, Qin Kaiyi abruptly held his breath. He never explained the origin of the sable in the novel, but now, it seems that this world filled in for the sable’s origin!!!

“I……Mister Zi Yang……I don’t know……the sable wasn’t, wasn’t lost by me.” The girl called good lady by the man was obviously quite scared. Originally, her voice should’ve been incomparably sweet. Now, with the slight wavering, it made it more charming.

As Qin Kaiyi listened, he actually felt a bit dizzy……

“Don’t use seduction skills on me.” The man’s mood was clearly not good. Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what he did to the girl, but he heard a tragic yelp.

“Tell me nicely, and I’ll let you suffer a little less pain.” The man’s low laugh made one’s bones limp and numb: “Otherwise, I’ll pull your soul out of your body, place it in my soul searching banner and grind it for 81 days.”

“Ah……” Constantly heaving, the girl produced painful begging sounds. She begged for a long time, but the man didn’t soften. She started to loudly curse: “Zi Yangpei, you disgusting demon. You want the《Mountain Cloud Notes》? Dream on! Even if I die, I won’t hand it over to you! Don’t think that I don’t know how Qing Die died. If it wasn’t for you……If it wasn’t for you……She wouldn’t have……Ah!”

Qin Kaiyi’s breathing stopped. His thoughts turning madly. He clearly wasn’t the opponent of that man. Personally witnessing the scene of him killing someone, if he didn’t quickly leave, then things probably wouldn’t be good.

After he thought of this, Qin Kaiyi didn’t hesitate anymore. He recited an incantation wanting to leave, but he hadn’t flown up yet when his body stiffened. His whole body was bound by something. He couldn’t even make a sound.

“Since this fellow cultivator has been watching for so long, why are you so anxious to leave now?” A warm breath sprayed onto his ear. Qin Kaiyi’s pupils instantly shrunk. He wanted to say something but couldn’t, no matter what.

“Don’t rush. I’ll let this fellow cultivator……properly have a talk with me.” The low laughter once again rang out. Qin Kaiyi’s body was turned around. He saw a man who was about to change his whole life.

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  1. The story is extremely interesting because of the current events. Although I am opposed to cruelty, sometimes nothing prevents you from stirring your imagination. I waited a long time and devotedly for a new chapter… oh. Thank you!


  2. Thank you, the story is really interesting and i love it already from the start, can’t wait to read more ❤


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